While the pants and shirts that you usually wear form an essential part of how you look, you may already know that it is the small things that can make the largest aesthetic difference. The watch that you wear could be making a huge difference to a failing or winning aesthetic.

If you are thinking about adding another watch to your collection, it is important that you first understand that there are many watch types to choose from. However, there is a list of a few types that seem to outshine the rest, and these are the timepieces that you should think about adding to your wardrobe.

A high-quality classy watch does not always cost that much. Since there are luxury watch replicas with identical designs and finest quality.

Here is our list of 7 watch types that we think every man could benefit from:

1. Chronograph Watch

Chronograph watches, like racing watches, are built to measure time in various increments. You will be able to tell standard time as well as time intervals of smaller and larger lengths.

These watches have a one-of-a-kind design that allows for two tiny dials. You can use the stopwatch feature to record your lap times.

Wear these watches whenever you want to compete in a healthy way. Chronograph watches are popular due to their unique styling and multi-faceted dials. These men’s watches do much more than just tell the time; select the one that best meets your requirements.

2. Dress Watch

The dress watch is primarily designed for aesthetics.  While these watches perform the normal function of any watch, they do not offer the durability required for extreme-impact activities. This type of watch is worn with formal clothing and suits. While the dress watches are made from different types of metals, they usually include precious metals such as platinum or gold. After all, the main purpose of a dress watch is to add to your aesthetics.

These watches often possess many timekeeping entities. They not only possess minute and hour dials, but they often also feature stopwatch and calendar dials.

The dress watch bands range from leather to canvas, to metal, and more. If you need a watch for work or a wedding, then you can simply visit expertswatches which sells all types of watches to meet your needs.

3. Field Watch

Rugged and tough, the field watch should be included in all watch wearer’s collections. So, if you are about to buy a watch and thinking how to buy a wrist watch, field watch is the right choice. These traditionally contained a stainless-steel case. While most still do, there are just as many that now feature cases with a PVD coating or titanium cases.

All these materials are resistant to general wear-and-tear, and they are extraordinarily hard. The field watch usually features a dark background, complemented by white numbering. This design allows you to see the watch at night or in other types of dark situations.

Most of the field watches come with a fabric wrist band made of either canvas or leather. They also possess break-proof, glare-free glass cases. These watches are also as tough as they come.

4. Mechanical Watch

The mechanical watches are perfect for those looking for an old-school option. Unlike modern watches, these watches work without using a battery. Instead, they use gear mechanisms that you need to wind occasionally.

Mechanical watches are available in many different styles and are also made from several materials. The wrist bands on mechanical watches also include different materials such as leather or titanium. The casings usually include either titanium or stainless steel.

Most mechanical watches are solely used for telling the time. However, there are a few that possess entities like stopwatches and date windows. The material watch aesthetics range from sporty to classy to mechanical. Some of the mechanical watches also display the gears in the watch as each one turns.

5. Dive Watch

While you probably won’t need this type of watch for everyday wear, they are pretty awesome watches to own. These are waterproof timepieces that you can use safely underwater without worrying, which makes them an excellent choice for diving.

In general, the dive watch features silicone or rubber bands. These are generally not affected by moisture or water and last through many years even after exposure to constant moisture.

Many dive watches come with either a stainless steel or titanium case. These are corrosion-resistant materials that are capable of withstanding both salt water and fresh water. Different material types are used for dive-watch covers, and the more common materials include sapphire and mineral glass. If you would like a watch that you can wear when you swim, we highly suggest looking for a dive watch.

6. Smartwatch

Today, smartwatches have become increasingly popular since they provide endless functionality.   They not only track steps and monitor heart rates, but they can also alert you of any updates that come from your phone. When you wear a smartwatch, you are connected all the time.

While each of these watches features digital displays, they are now available in many other styles. For example, you can now wear one with a rubber wrist band, metal wrist band, leather wrist band, and more. They are also available in various case materials such as titanium, stainless steel, and more.

Whereas they once used to forgo an aesthetic appeal, these watches have now evolved into attractive and stylish aesthetic accessories in the name of functionality. With this in mind, if you want a highly functional watch, then a smartwatch is probably your best option.

7. Aviator Watches

These watches are chronographs. The initial design was mainly for pilot use, and these timepieces record and tell the time, functioning in a similar way to a stopwatch. The aviator watch started as a field watch but underwent slight changes to serve an intended purpose.

Light numbers on a dark background characterize this watch type. This allows the user to read the watch easily at night. The wrist band on these watch types is usually made from canvas or leather. This allows you to change the band cheaply and quickly should the strap become damaged. If you love outdoor activities like woodworking, climbing, or hiking, the aviator timepieces are a great accessory to own.


When it comes to watches, there are so many different styles and types to choose from. The ones that we mentioned above make up only a very small sample for other available options. The six styles in this article are a great starting point to help you build up your collection. Once you have decided on the styles you like, make sure that you purchase your watches from a reputable and well-respected brand.

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