In these days of 24-hour news and entertainment, image is more important than ever before. If you’re interested in being a professional image consultant, there are many things to learn about images, how they are constructed, how they are maintained, and why they are so important. There are a number of top companies that are dedicated to image consulting, and they teach a number of important professional skills with their training.

Top Online Certified Image Consultant Companies

London Image Institute

London Image Institute has long been associated with the Association of Image Consultants International, as the founder of the LII was twice the president of the AICI. The Institute is growing as the image consulting industry grows. Crafting a persona that appeals to the public has been done for ages, but it’s only recently that most people became aware of this industry. You no longer have to be famous to want to craft a likable persona. Image consulting is for everyone, and this is especially true for those who want large appeal through social media.

Image clients come to image consultants with a number of needs, including how to create their appearance, what type of etiquette is expected of them, how to communicate well, and more. The image consultant helps them in all of these areas while crafting a unique image for the client that is also seen as authentic and stylish. Clients are often those about to have job interviews, executives, women getting back into the workforce, doctors, social media influencers, and people who want to move up the ladder in their careers. The LII teaches consultants the many skills they need to handle all of the needs of their clients so that they can project a better image that helps them in their professional, and personal, lives.

Studio for Image Professionals

Studio for Image Professionals teaches students in a crash-course that lasts only six weeks. It includes many of the skills needed to be an image consultant as well as business training to make it easier to run your consultancy as a business. They also have shorter online courses for those who aren’t yet sure that they want to go into the image consulting. For those who have some interest in the industry, the starter course teaches them how to start their consultancy business and to get it off the ground without having a large budget for it. It includes steps to take in the beginning, tools that are needed to get started, and information about what the industry is like for image consultants. They also offer longer courses for certification in the field.

Sterling Style Academy

Sterling Style Academy is active in various parts of the world to give its students the specific skills they are looking for. It has a number of courses to teach students how to do different aspects of image consultancy, such as personal shopping and performing the job of a stylist. There are in-person classes in different parts of the world as well as online classes for those who need more convenience. From applying makeup to clients to helping them pick out the best outfits, there are short, specific courses that teach a range of useful skills. They offer training in being a personal stylist as well as image consultancy and offer certifications in both. The certification in fashion and style consultancy requires taking five courses that each teach a number of important skills consultants need to help their clients.

Universal Class

Universal Class is a large teaching site that has many other industry courses as well as image consultancy. They have both non-certificate learning and a course that awards a certificate. It teaches students the many ways they can help their clients to craft an image that doesn’t appear to be crafted at all. They can teach students the skills they need to work in their local area or where to move to find the clients they need.

The focus of the courses includes skills like creating a wardrobe, taking care of skin, good grooming, the proper etiquette, hair styling, make-up and nails, life coaching, and more skills that image consultants can use. Students can choose a niche for themselves within the industry or focus on being a generalist that has all of the skills needed to craft and perfect images for clients. It focuses on the international need for image consultants and how to get that initial start to consultancy business.

When you work as an image consultant, you use a lot of skills as well as your own creativity. It’s a highly creative industry, and it’s one that is growing by the day. If you are a creative person who loves to help others, and you are interested in style and fashion, being an image consultant could be just the career you’ve been waiting for.

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