When doing laundry, there are some basic rules that you need to follow, such as separating the colored shirts from the white ones. It’s done to ensure the white shirts won’t get stained by the colored shirts. Stains on white shirts are not easy to remove even with numerous amounts of washing with chlorine or oxygen bleach.

Avoiding Sweatshirt Damage: Proper Way of Washing Your Sweatshirts
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But putting aside shirts, did you know that there is also a way to wash sweatshirts properly? After you buy men’s sweatshirts online, it’s best to have them cleaned so you can use it right away. There’s nothing better than to wear your new, comfy sweatshirt around the house while still looking good wearing it.

How to Wear Sweatshirts Properly

It might sound weird, but yes. There’s definitely a preferred method of wearing sweatshirts. Usually, you wear shirts once every day, and then you put them in your clothes bin when you get back home. But with sweatshirts, you should at least wear them several times before you wash them again.

The reason is that almost every sweatshirt is made out of 100% cotton. Washing them multiple times in a row can lead to it getting damaged in the long run. The only time you need to clean it is when it gets dirty or if it doesn’t smell good anymore. But if you’re just wearing it at home while doing nothing, you can wear it at least 3 or 4 more times.

The Proper Way of Washing Your Sweatshirts

The Proper Way of Washing Your Sweatshirts
  • Sorting Out the Coloured Ones

Again, this is something that every person should do before washing any clothes. It’s also the same as washing sweatshirts. You have to separate white sweatshirts from the colored ones because most sweatshirts are heavily dyed. It means that washing it along with other black or white clothes, could stain them easily.

You might have already seen having your green shirts mixed in with white ones, and ending up with a yellowish-green shirt. If you don’t want this happening to your sweatshirts, you have to separate them first.

  • Turn Your Sweatshirts Inside Out

The main reason for turning your sweatshirts and other clothes inside out is to keep them looking new for a long time. You can also say the same with other kinds of clothing, like pants, shirts, or shorts.

When you place them in a washer, the inside of your clothes will handle all of the stress and tumbling. You don’t have to worry because sweatshirts will stay clean even when they’re washed inside out.

  • Use Regular Detergent

There’s no special detergent for sweatshirts, so using any kind of regular detergent you can buy will work perfectly.

  • Gentle Cycle

Some would turn on their washing machines after putting the detergent and all of the clothes in, thinking that their clothes are safe. If you want to preserve your sweatshirts’ quality, be sure to put your washer on gentle mode. It’s also advised not to use hot or warm water, but instead, cold water would be better.

  • Drying It Out

After it’s done washing, you shouldn’t be too hasty placing them in a dryer without checking the settings. If you want to keep the sweatshirts from shrinking, you need to place the dryer on low heat settings. You also have to take them out right away once the drying process is done to prevent them from wrinkling.

People will buy men’s sweatshirts online, and they think it’s safe to wear right away. Hopefully, the factory smell will make them not wear it and wash it correctly by following all of the steps mentioned above.

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