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With the rapid growth and popularity of visual content (images), online stores are now looking for lots of ways to bring in images onto their virtual platform. From describing the products to creating the brand status, product photographs play a vital role in enhancing sales of your online store.

Do you get product images from the manufacturer and post them on your website? Or do you have professional photographers to capture pictures of the products for your online retail outlet? It doesn’t matter how you source your photographs. What’s important is the editing that’s done on the pictures before you upload them to your e-commerce platform.

Photo Background Removal

To ensure the product image gels with the website layout, the picture should have a white background. A clear or white background carefully outlines the product, allowing the website visitor to easily identify its features. Moreover, when you create a white background for your online store product images, you bring in uniformity across the website. This enhances the professional look and feel of your e-commerce retail outlet.

When you’re post-processing product photographs, concentrate on background removal. While photographing product photos, the photographer will take great care to ensure there are no disturbing elements in the background. But sometimes, small things, even like reflections and shadows, may appear on your photo background. Remove it using expert photo background removal service.

Background Removal Service

If you’re working with small products such as cell phones, flash drives, jewelry or more, ensure the white background is set up while photographing the product picture. Simply place the product on a sheet of white paper or a white chart while photographing. Set the lighting and diffusers to prevent the glare from the white surface. You have a product photo with a white background without any hassle. Work on minute image editing to remove the problem areas and you are all set to post the product image with a white background on your e-commerce store.

Use Lightroom to Add White Background for your e-commerce website product images. First, import the photograph into Lightroom and click on the Develop module. Set the tone to the auto mode. It will automatically change the photo’s lighting. Use the background change option to make the color change. If the background is white enough to clearly showcase your product image, you’re done. Just export the photograph and save it. But, if the background is not white enough to meet your requirements, then you should take the photograph to Photoshop.

Background Removal Services

Open the product image in Photoshop and click on the edit option. One little problem editors face with Photoshop is that if any change is made to the background, it could affect the subject image too. So, you should create duplicate background layers using the New Layers option in the Layers panel. Press CMD/CTRL + G on the keyboard to group this new layer. Again create another layer and fill it with white. Name this layer as Background Copy. Add a mask and invert mask – the original background layer is hidden and the new completely white layer you created becomes the background layer. Make use of the brush option to correct any small imperfections. Save the file and export it.

Adding white background to product images is indeed simple and easy. But when you’re working on background removal for your online store, you will be dealing with hundreds of product photos. Do you have the time and the expert resource to handle such huge numbers and complete all the editing tasks within the stipulated time? If the answer to this question is no, then you should think of outsourcing your photo background removal services to experts. is an image editing service provider that serves a variety of industries, from e-commerce platforms to publishers. Their large team of photo editors works round the clock to provide quality results with quick turnarounds. They do not just remove background from product photos, but also offer a host of other related services. So, if you’re looking for a comprehensive solution for all your image editing services, you’re at the right place.


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