15 Times When It's Totally Acceptable To Wear Sweatpants In Public

We get it. You’re a fashionable lady. You have your own sense of style, you care about looking your best, and you know how to make a statement with your wardrobe. All of these things are true, and all of these things will continue to be true… even if you occasionally need to wear sweats. It’s totally understandable if you feel yourself harboring some deep-seated guilt whenever you step out of your apartment in lazy clothes, but trust me: you’re okay. In case you need reassurance, here are fifteen examples of times when it’s completely acceptable to rock sweatpants in public.

  1. When you have to make a mid-period trip to CVS for tampons, Midol, dark chocolate truffles, and that guilty pleasure magazine.
  2. When you’re having a rough time in your personal life and you’re just not up for it.
  3. When it’s several weeks past laundry day and you’re down to your last pair of holey underwear, your last unsmelly tank top, and your oversized drawstring pants.
  4. When you’re leaving the gym and the last thing on your sweaty mind is turning people on.
  5. When your friend wakes you up for a late-night excursion. No one wears heels at 2am because life isn’t Pretty Little Liars.
  6. When you have to roll your hungover body out of bed and into an IHOP booth.
  7. When you’re not about to sit through a three-hour action movie wearing something with a non-elastic waistband.
  8. When that college class has the audacity to start before 9am.
  9. When you’ve hit the 5-year mark in your relationship and Date Night has turned into Eagerly Wearing Yoga Pants At Pizza Hut.
  10. When some kind of grownup errand requires you to get your exhausted ass to a post office before work.
  11. When your only plans for the weekend involve sitting alone at Barnes and Nobel and pretending you’ll consider buying one of the books you’re reading.
  12. When your nose has turned into a snot volcano and your head is pounding too hard to remember how to work a zipper.
  13. When your dog needs to go for a walk right this second.
  14. When you’re running out of a burning building.
  15. When you freaking feel like it.

When Is It Appropriate To Wear Sweatpants In Public? 2 Guides!

We came across this guide explaining when it is appropriate for college girls to wear sweatpants. Pretty much all the time, it would appear.

Now, to be fair, that might be true because people are in college. There is also probably a “college girl’s guide to having sex with coke dealers.” Things you do in college are not things you do in the world that exists after college. You can consult Animal House to see why this is so. In honor of that, we made you another guide to determine when you should be wearing sweatpants. This one is for you, adult ladies:

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