The fashion industry is a very serious business – you either make a name for your brand, or you will get lost in a sea of faceless unknowns who are all floundering and trying to get to the same goal as you are. Most aspiring designers scratch their heads, wondering how to start a streetwear clothing brand successfully — as mistakes can cost dearly — so we’ve decided to bring our team’s experience and insights together to make sure you start off with a bang!

how to start a streetwear brand

In a world where fame and respect are as fleeting as the weather, you have to work hard and make sure you establish yourself well. Otherwise, you will get swept away by the current, otherwise known as the fickle taste of the consumers.

What exactly does it take to start a streetwear clothing line successfully? Try thinking of the brands that are already established, those streetwear brands that have been around for years, those brands that people know and respect no matter where you are. These clothing brands all have something in common, and these common factors they share (even if these brands cater to different tastes and different audiences) are the secrets to success.

Let’s take a look at these secrets:

#1. Create a clear and easily understandable brand message

Before you even begin to market your streetwear clothing brand, you have to know by heart what you stand for, what you can offer, why customers should choose you. Make sure that the people who work with you and for you on your streetwear brand know this message well, because they, too, are instrumental to the success of your brand.

#2. Consistency is key

You may have quality streetwear, but if you can’t do good business by treating your customers well, you are dead. Nobody said starting a clothing company relies on only amazing designs. You need to establish trust with your customers, build a good relationship with them and gain their confidence, and maintain that trust to keep them coming back. Marketing can only do so much – integrity will get you even further. A brand with a good reputation will be recognized, and people will not hesitate to refer you to others if you give back to them, too.

#3. Protect the good name of your brand

Once you have established trust and confidence among your customers, do everything you can to protect that good reputation. It takes a lot of time and effort to build a good reputation and to gain the trust and confidence of your customers, but only one mistake to make that crumble. So protect your brand’s integrity by exercising good leadership.

#4. Reach out to your customers

It is the digital age, everyone! There is no longer any excuse to not know what your customers want and need. Utilize and maximize the many avenues available to you to get to know your customers, to know what they think and feel, and then to use these sentiments to further improve your streetwear clothing brand.

#5. Don’t hide in the shadows! Get visible!

Again, we cannot place enough emphasis on this being the digital age. You now have many options to make your clothing brand visible to your customers – traditional media (print and broadcast), digital media (the internet), or a combination of both platforms, along with brainstorming and the combined effort of your entire team.

You have to use every avenue possible for your clothing brand to get known. To start your own streetwear line is all about being flexible, and never to just stick to “one method” that works. Aside from keeping your customers informed and in the loop, this is a very good way of establishing new relationships and acquiring new customers.

Launching to the market very soon is the “Streetwear Cash” handbook, which is specially catered to all the young designers out there who want to launch a kick-ass brand. You will be able to discover more industry trade secrets on how to start a streetwear line profitably. We’ll keep you posted when it’s available!

New Rising Streetwear Brand That You Will Love!

efta new streetwear brand

Streetwear has come a long way. From the streets of the Bronx, the kick-ass urban style has even reached the red carpet. As it evolves as a new generation emerges, there is no doubt that there is a large portion of the fashion industry dedicated to the urban lifestyle. There are the old classic brands that we love, and then there are new lines that exude hip and creativity. Most fashion designers and brands now collaborate with a lot of celebrities who love street fashion.

Kanye’s “Good Life” will always have a special place in our musical hearts due to the way he painted such a vivid picture of how good living feels. If we were to open our eyes, we would imagine that it would look similar to a new streetwear label that caught our eyes recently, efta. It’s clear to see that efta. is on a higher plane of consciousness and is all about bringing the good vibes to the people.

If you’re looking for high-quality streetwear with a fashion-forward edge, you might want to check out this up and coming brand.

As we’ve come to the realization that many of you aren’t aware of the history behind this innovative streetwear brand, allow us to enlighten you a bit.

First things first, it’s efta. – lowercase, with the period. Founded, created, and designed by Teagan Glass, efta. is one of the streetwear fashion brands to watch out for.

Teagan didn’t set out to start a streetwear brand; he always loved graphic design, and in 2017 decided he wanted to see some of his work come to life on some shirts. He was holed up in his tiny apartment, cutting out graphics by hand, cranking out sh*tty, heat-pressed graphic tees, and he loved every second of it. This was the first time he had seen something he designed on a piece of clothing, and he was hooked.

His goal has always been to somehow zero in on the “perfect design” – to create an ideal aesthetic. In his mind, each design had to be like that drop in a song that you want to listen to over and over again – right when you see it, it just hits.

He admires and appreciates streetwear with a message. He thinks it’s a unique platform to push a philosophy or display social commentary, but for him, it’s the visual that comes first.

That being said, a lot of contemplation goes into every piece. While there may not be an explicit message, everything from social issues, to philosophy, to history, to nature inspires the efta. aesthetic. Every color, every line has to be on point. Fresh and simple, yet bold are the characteristics that define the brand. If it’s not clean, you won’t find it in the efta. line-up.

Everyone’s first question is always, “so what does efta. actually mean?” One of Teagan’s first designs, before he created the efta. brand, there was something along the lines of “F the police” – not very original, but when he was naming the brand, something about the sound of “F the…” had a slick ring to it, and it stuck. The meaning of the brand has definitely evolved as its personality began to take shape, and Teagan became more involved in Denver’s creative community.

This brand is made for people who are unapologetically themselves, people who pursue their passions, and who want to look fresh as hell while they do it. Artists, musicians, free thinkers, and creatives of all kinds embody the efta. mentality. Teagan Glass says, “I hope that this brand inspires authenticity and creativity for those who support it.”

efta. has come a long way from the heat-press days. All designs are pressed and embroidered on premium garments and sourced through local screen printers. Bringing it forward to 2020, efta. had its debut on the runway at a RAW Artists showcase and is proudly stocked in one of Denver’s dopest streetwear boutiques. Be on the lookout for collaborations with artists, emcees, and musicians local to Denver, as well as in Chicago and New York.

He says, “I am very proud of the new Spring/Summer collection; it’s only a few pieces but very much represents the vibe of the brand I envision building. I appreciate everyone who has supported the brand, reached out to collaborate, and has allowed me to spread the efta. vision.”

And so, efta. was born.

The Denver City, Colorado-based efta. 2020 collection that is released recently is something that Teagan is very proud of. It contains his first cut n’ sew piece, along with an extra wavy cap, a neopolitan cap, two long-sleeved tees, two hoodies, and six new tees. He describes the trendy line as very clean and simple, yet bold are the characteristics that define the brand and attractive at the same time.

All in all, it seems like this company is on the right track. They have a goal in mind and appeal to the streetwear heads. There aren’t many other companies doing this.

If you’re looking to elevate your streetwear and style this summer, you might want to give efta. a serious look.

New brands in streetwear are a dime a dozen, and it’s important to pick the strong ones from the pack. All it took was one look at for them to have our attention. Featuring a bright, summery, surf, and skate aesthetic, efta. sticks to clean and simple, yet bold are the characteristics designs to get their point across. Their graphics are effective and minimal, and we can admit we’re kinda smitten by what we see. Even though efta. doesn’t release a lot of products, we really like those few products to be top-notch.

efta. Deserves Respect For Their Streetwear Line

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The summer season is when a lot of rising brands get to really make their mark. With the warm weather comes good vibes, good people, and all types of good fashion. This is the season when people are the most adventurous with trying new gear, and the constant need to stay fresh keeps everyone on their toes.

efta. is a new streetwear brand making all the right moves. Keeping their aesthetic clean and focused on their target demographic, they stick to minimalist designs, find a midpoint between skate friendly gear and outdoorsman fashion. Their lines streetwear doesn’t feel dated, and it’s not shiny and inauthentic like a lot of new brands. With a healthy collection of caps, hoodies, long-sleeve t-shirts, and tees, this is an all-encompassing collection that can give your wardrobe a quick refresh without you having to break the bank.

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