We live in an era where information is being consumed in multiple ways! In this tech-savvy digital age, videos have seen rising traction. As per market trends, views on videos have skyrocketed since the pandemic, and the number of hours spent on video content has risen by 120%. Not only has this created a great opportunity for vloggers and content creators, but marketers are also looking towards adopting more video-centric content in their roadmap.

Emerging technologies like the AI video avatar are revolutionizing video creation, making it more interactive, engaging and personalized. As this trend continues, the competition in video content creation will only rise. As of March 2021, an average of 500 hours of fresh videos are uploaded per minute, that is 720,000 hours of new content per day, which would take 82.2 years to watch! And yes, the match here is correct. Thus, brands can not just adopt a video strategy but also have to up the game and create videos that grab attention in a matter of seconds. If the video is not attractive enough, chances are your audience will never find the video again!

Video editing tools such as transciption, GIF compressor, and teleprompter are crucial elements of marketing your brand online. Whether you’re creating a video for YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, the type of editing tools you use can make or break its success. Free video ad maker is a free tool that allows you to create and publish beautiful video ads with ease.

An online video editor is your best bet to take video creation prowess to the next level if you want to adopt video marketing for your brand. So, let us explore how you can leverage videos to grow your brand:

Start a YouTube Channel

Start a YouTube Channel

No matter what type of customer you cater to, you can take advantage of online video platforms to reach your audience and even help them discover your brand. YouTube is the best bet to start with as it already has two billion users, and the numbers are only growing. If you have not already, starting a YouTube channel is ideal for your marketing strategy. It can help you reach the audience on the platform and even improve engagement for other marketing channels.

YouTube videos can be easily embedded and shared on multiple platforms and play seamlessly on multiple devices, which is essential in today’s era. A rising number of users are now shifting to tablets or smartphones for viewing video content, and so it is ideal to choose online platforms and create videos that are adaptive to multiple screen types and ratios.

And while you are at it, do not just stop at one platform. While YouTube is a great starting point, social media has also witnessed a spike in video content creation and engagement. So use videos to elevate your game on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram, which has its video optimization called IGTV to promote short video content. Consider incorporating voice-over for podcast outlines to provide a captivating narration for your video content, making it more engaging and informative for your audience.

Create Instructional or How-to Videos

Create Instructional or How-to Videos

Creating videos from scratch can seem daunting to start with, but you can always use your existing content as the base for your videos. Whether it is the About Us page on your website, your product brochure, or a whitepaper, brands often have tons of existing content that can be easily converted into a video. Then, using a video maker or an online video editor, you can easily start creating instructional or demo videos to give your audience a glimpse of your solutions in a conversational way.

When creating instructional or how-to videos, remember that it is important to focus on the subject rather than the marketing. Most of these videos will be watched by an audience already engaged with your brand, so the video should enhance their experience or help them if they are stuck instead of trying to sell to them.

Transform Your Website Using Videos

Transform Your Website Using Videos

Once you have started creating videos, the ideal next step is to know how they can be promoted to reach your audience easily. Website is a great option to plug and play your video content, as it helps your reader get to know the company or the products/services better. In a survey, 66% of people said they would rather watch videos about the product or services rather than read a text-based article, making it important to have both options for your audience.

On the plus side, search engines love and prefer videos too, which is great for your website’s SEO ranking. Videos encourage your visitors to spend additional time on your website, offer better engagement, and add a personal touch to your content. Thus, you can use video to improve brand retention and engagement directly!

Elevate Your Brand with Videos! Dive into the digital age with compelling video content. From starting a YouTube channel to embedding videos on your website, videos are transforming the way brands engage with their audience. Want to ride the video wave? With the right video editing tools, you can create attention-grabbing content, enhance your marketing strategies, and boost conversions. Don’t miss out on leveraging the power of videos. Explore the Best Online Video Editor Now!

Incorporate Videos in Your Email Campaigns

Incorporate Videos in Your Email Campaigns

In addition to the website and social media for promoting your videos, email campaigns are also using videos in many ways. Having videos as part of your email marketing makes a lot of sense since you know the audience type and their progress in your customer lifecycle. Provide the right video at the right stage, and you have a combination that is sure to improve conversion.

And do not just take our word for it; many brands have reported an increase in clickthrough rates by up to 300% since they started using videos for their email campaigns. When using an online video editor, you can add attractive thumbnails, previews or convert your larger video into shorter, bite-sized content that will attract the reader.


As the numbers show, the benefits of using video are endless and will play a key role in your marketing strategy in the coming years. Videos do not just add great value to your existing channels; with proper planning, video marketing can even generate additional leads and help you grow your brand.

Ready to start using videos to grow your online brand? There are innumerable options to start from, but the best online video editor should help you create and edit videos and even make the entire process a lot simpler. Of course, the success or failure of your videos will largely depend on your content, but it is highly suggested to spend time on bringing life to your videos rather than navigating complex video editing tools.

What is more, an online video editor has multiple brand kits that can help you add your branding and colors to the video, making them look unique, just like your brand!

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