how do shoes affect your back
How do shoes affect your back?

Chronic back pain is a serious problem that causes millions of people throughout the world to suffer every day. There are several common causes –, one of the most likely causes being the shoes that people wear. Generally, it is lower back pain that is caused by wearing the wrong shoes.

Women are very susceptible to this type of back pain. High heels and pointed-toe shoes are a major cause of injury to women’s feet and ankles. That’s why the majority of foot and ankle patients are women. High heels can cause ligaments in the foot and ankle to be torn or stretched, causing sprains and chronic ankle issues. High heels also thrust the foot forward or crowd the toes in the shoe, impacting the foot. Painful bunions, hammertoes, and corns can develop or worsen as a result.

For example, when a person hurts their foot or their big toe joint hurts, they change their style of walking to diminish the pain. Changing the way you walk can also modify the manner in which all of the bones of all the other leg joints move. The lower back, the ankle, the knee, the hip are all affected when a person starts to walk differently. When ligaments, cartilage, and tendons in these joints are stressed, they begin to weaken and wear down, and arthritis can begin to set in. In other words, when our shoes are uncomfortable, people naturally alter their gait without even realizing it.

Lower back pain caused by the shoes we wear is a very common ailment that can be easily avoided. Wear shoes that are comfortable and supportive. If your feet start to hurt in the shoes you are wearing, take them off, change your shoes, not the way that you walk.

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