After you create a design, there’s some guesswork involved in choosing the right t-shirt in which to print your graphic. Considering the audience and taking into account the type of fit that customer is seeking in their everyday t-shirts, choose a blank T-shirt or Hoodie or Polo T-shirt for your order. It’s easy to create your very own printed shirts online from Gilgamesh as they offer its T-shirt printing services to a very large portion of the population.

Finding the Right T-Shirts for Your Designs

Kids – Creating graphics for kids is a great business. Parents are always looking for wearable, no-fuss t-shirts, and onesies for their kids and babies. The trend right now is geared towards organic cotton in cruelty-free dyes. Eco-friendly duds are a hot trend all around, but for children, the trend is on fire. For kids, 100% cotton is the way to go because it is low maintenance for parents to care for and is moveable with the child’s body. High-quality cotton also gets softer with each wash and wear, and since many kids are fussy about what they wear, this is a great quality for your garment to have.

Teens – Teens are a demographic worth fighting for because there is a lot of money to be made. Teens and young adults are all in favor of a slim, streamlined silhouette at the moment. Guys and girls want t-shirts that gently skim their figures. If you are creating a unisex line of t-shirts, girls can always size down for the same fitted look they would get if you created a line exclusively for the female shape. V-necks outnumber crewneck t-shirts. There’s nothing wrong with offering both, but V-necks seem to play into the streamlined shape that teens are reaching for.

Adults – Adults are loving t-shirts more than ever. Where professionals once wore button-ups and Dockers in their downtime, folks in their 40s and under are usually found in a t-shirt and jeans regardless of their occupation or income. While the overall shape is slimmer than boxy, adults look for comfort over style. Instead of a fitted look that’s geared towards teens, look for a slimmer version of the traditional t-shirt. Like kids, adults love 100% cotton, preferably in a pre-shrunken condition, so the fit they have, when they buy the t-shirt, is the same as the fit they acquire after months of wear.

Shop the best Women’s T-Shirts from in a range of colors and styles, choose from basic black and white t-shirts to boho t-shirts, fun prints, and cheerful patterns.

Designing T-Shirts 101: Designing With Graphics

Graphic designs are very popular for a variety of reasons. One reason is that they allow a person to showcase their style in a simple way. Just pull on the t-shirt, and you’re good to go while saying something about your personality and style in the process. T-shirts can be worn with jeans daily, which explains why graphic t-shirts are a booming business.

When designing a graphic for a t-shirt, think about two things – proportion and detail. Will this graphic stand out in a sea of designs? If you are using a computer program to create your graphic design, you will be able to stretch and play with the proportion of the design. If you are sketching the design, you’ll have less leeway, which means proportions must be exact to how they’ll appear on a t-shirt.

Bootnaut T-Shirts

The way graphics are displayed on a stylish t-shirt plays an integral role in whether or not the t-shirt is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Designing with a computer program allows you to move items around and store ideas without any commitment. Sketching a graphic is a bit more concrete. Sure, you can erase an idea or start over, but it doesn’t allow you to move graphics around to see what works best. When designing graphics for a t-shirt, don’t be afraid to overextend yourself in the creativity department. Graphic designs have no limits, which is what makes them so appealing for a designer and the consumer. Thinking of characters or scenes which you think no one else will understand is sometimes a goldmine of an idea. The graphic t-shirt market is yearning for new designs that have a fresh look in comparison to the countless brands that revamp the same basic graphics each season. Use your imagination to set yourself apart from these brands, while tapping into the already-established market.

Trendspotting When It Comes to T-Shirts

Sure, designing t-shirts is a great hobby, but to turn it into a business, your t-shirts must sell. For this, the public has to love your designs so much that they return to you to buy the t-shirts as new designs and graphics are released. Get ahead of the curve by becoming a trendspotting expert. This will lead you to new places of inspiration and hopefully create designs that spawn a major trend that sticks around for a few seasons.

Organic Prints

Trees, birds, landscapes, and flowers are all big trends for t-shirts in the coming seasons. Whether you take the hippie route and create organic tees with vegetable dyes or simply capture the vibe of organic landscapes onto a t-shirt, it looks like there will be big sellers in the coming months. For men, this may be a difficult trend to design for but think in terms of abstract and more artistic graphics. After all, a flower doesn’t have to be a standard flower. It can be angular, saturated in color, and make a masculine statement.

Paint Prints

Splattered apparel made its way down the runways for the fashion shows in Milan and Paris. This trend easily translates to t-shirts for men, women, and children.

The Emergence Of T-Shirt Fashion Design

The fashion industry has only recently woken up to the importance of t-shirt design. Before this time, the t-shirt design world only consisted of brand names, slogans, and funny sayings that only generated humor, not wow. During this time, there were no great ideas out there that could be put on a t-shirt, just slogans, and humor.

The Emergence Of T-Shirt Fashion Design

T-Shirt Fashion on the ascendant

Complicated t-shirt designs emerged as a major component of the fashion industry. Skilled graphic artists, creating spectacular works, unleashed a design wave that has gained popularity over the last decade. For many companies, the fashion t-shirt has now become a massive money-spinner.

Emerging artists using innovative graphics to design t-shirts have found new ways to get their designs out there. This new breed of t-shirt designer who is focused on the adventurous and more complex t-shirt design began to take hold through social media. This, in turn, saw the popularity of becoming a ” T-Shirt designer” as a business idea, and subsequently, new brands emerged, and this concept has taken off in leaps and bound. This concept has been compounded further with social sharing and social communications through peers such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Technology to the rescue

The popularity of t-shirt designing has been amplified with the introduction of “one-off” or “print on demand” services, where just about anyone can become a t-shirt designer. This, in turn, evolved into new ventures that are community-driven, allowing large groups of people to decide on what is popular and what isn’t. This collaboration between consumers and designers has become a non-formal testing ground where smart marketers can showcase products before being produced for the market.

This latest technology has enabled ordinary people to facilitate the design and production of their own t-shirt designs. A brand new company can now form an online community where members can contribute their personal ideas about designs or could create a blog that caters to the specific needs of their customers, allowing ‘expert consumers’ to guide in the decision of what designs are hot and what is not. They could then set up their own store to sell their wares, for very little setup costs.

This is not a good sign for the large fashion houses and industry giants, unless they, themselves, have their own networking groups and are able to leverage this latest trend, they are doomed.

The t-shirt fashion design industry is a billion-dollar sector and continues to grow, so if you are out there, creating some stylish t-shirts designs and you want to take advantage of the latest technology, then you will definitely not be disappointed with the choices on offer.

Take advantage of the latest trends.

Personalized T-shirts For Everybody

In the twenty-first century, the ability to personalize a product, such as a women’s t-shirt, has changed the way we do business. It has made the market more demanding, and consumers are hungrier than ever to find new ways to get exactly what they want when they want it.

This is very apparent in the field of garments like Fashion T-shirts. Personalized fashion t-shirts are the latest trend and are growing in popularity with the advent of online printing tools where you can design your own printed t-shirts and have a personalized t-shirt designed, printed, and sent directly to your door—a true one-off, made to order product. There is something special about that.

Personalized T-shirts For Everybody

Improving Personal Individuality in T-Shirts

In the past, you normally would have had to settle for what was available in stores, and getting the clothes you want instantly was unheard of, especially for those of you who want their own personal designs made. Imagine being able to say you have the only one, and in fact, there isn’t anywhere that they can buy it.

Modern technological advances have truly benefited the t-shirt industry, far beyond what anyone could have been imagined. This allows you to purchase individual t-shirts that will get you noticed by your friends and by the strangers that you bump into on a daily basis. Once again, technology has come to the rescue.

How T-Shirts Improve Company Branding

Whether you want to develop a special look for your entire organization or you want a specific design for yourself or a small group of your friends, the design software lets you create a unique set of t-shirts that are one-off and individualized.

In this modern world, companies’ success can be measured by their ability to project a positive image and make a statement of individuality in a crowded market. Designing personalized t-shirts that convey a productive message will show your future clients that you have the ability to think outside the box and get things done. This is the vision that gets customers and clients running to your door.

Personalized t-shirt designs can give you a style that fits into various public events, company gatherings, and even lazy weekend getaways. No matter what event you have planned, now and in the future, make sure you express your complete individuality with your very personalized t-shirt.

Top Uses For Custom Shirts

We live in an age where you can use the web to create almost anything you need quickly, affordably, and to specification. These days, digital printing and manufacturing mean that products don’t need to be ordered in bulk – they can instead be made to order with no need for pricy upfront investments or warehouses to store huge amounts of stock.

One awesome example of how this technology can be used is to print custom t-shirts, mugs, lanyards, tote bags, or various types of unique promotional products. Instead of being limited to wearing t-shirts that you can find in retail shops, today it’s possible to order a t-shirt with any image you want.

But what might you use this for? Read on for some powerful examples of why people order custom t-shirts…

Top Uses For Custom Shirts

For Groups and Performances

Say you’re a dance troupe or a martial arts club that does performances, using custom t-shirts can be a fantastic way to make yourself appear more professional and to create a more attractive visual. Instead of wearing your slacks, if you all wear custom t-shirts in the same color and with the same logo, it will make your business appear much more organized and will, at the same time, ensure that you match each other visually.

As Gifts

If you want to impress your friends with a truly unique and personal gift, then you can’t really go wrong with personalized t-shirts. These might include an image that your friend and recipient likes, or they might just include an image of that person. There are all kinds of ways you can make these gifts into a fun joke, or that you can make them special, personal, and stylish.


Want to make any occasion extra special? Then one of the best things you can do is to make t-shirts to mark the occasion. T-shirts create a sense of camaraderie, they provide a great souvenir, and they make the day feel more special. And when they match, they will, of course, look excellent in photos! Good examples of events that can benefit from t-shirts include stag and hen parties, baby showers, holidays, and 50th birthday parties.

For Marketing

One of the biggest markets for printed t-shirts is businesses. Businesses can give away custom t-shirts along with other promotional products at tradeshows, with product purchases, or in a range of other scenarios.

When a company gives a printed t-shirt to a customer or visitor, this will right away make a good impression: the visitor has received a free gift, and as a result, they will think more highly of the company and be more likely to buy from them again.

At the same time, every time that recipient wears their stylish custom t-shirt, they will inadvertently be promoting the company by showing off the logo. They’ll also be reminding themselves of the company that they had a good experience with, and they’ll feel more like they’re a part of your company’s story. When they wear your logo, they will feel like a part of your business – and that will only help to increase loyalty and reviews further.

This is not a comprehensive list of the uses of custom t-shirts, though; there are countless other ways they can be used. What creative applications will you use them for?

Cool T-shirts

Everyone today wants to wear cool and trendy clothes, but the biggest obstacle for most of us is the money issue. Nowadays, a single branded t-shirt will cost you not less than $70 or so. And if you expect to find good quality and less expensive t-shirt in the markets, then you are mistaken. Markets have the same old, and boring t-shirts and the brands are too expensive. But is here to solve both of these problems. Now all the young men and women can have a branded wardrobe with cool and stylish t-shirts.

Cool T-shirts

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This unique collection is full of beautifully handcrafted artifacts from different cultures.

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Are there any recent trends that you have noticed that I have missed? Please leave a comment below.

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