Many people are under the illusion that models simply walk onto a set and stand in front of the camera.

That couldn’t be anything farther from the truth.

In fact, a good model will have an arsenal of poses under their belt. They’ll know how to work with the cameraman and deliver looks right on the spot.

But if you’re just beginning, you might not know what these poses are or how to incorporate them into your shoot.

You’re in luck! In this article, we’re going to talk about essential fashion model poses. Use these next time you’re in front of the camera to get better photos and more clients!

Elegant Fashion Model Poses That Make You Look Good From Any Angle

Lean Against a Wall

If you’re taking photos anywhere around a wall, don’t be afraid to lean onto it!

Leaning creates a sense of attitude and personality. It subtly communicates to the viewer that you are someone suave, chic, and relaxed.

Leaning also matches the tone of a multitude of shoots. You can use the rest of your body composition and expressions to match the exact mood the company is going for.

Stay in Motion

Want to know an advertising secret?

All good advertising tells a story. Companies aren’t trying to give customers a laundry list of the product’s good qualities when they advertise.

Instead, they’re trying to sell them on an idea of who they could be if they wear the product.

As a model, you are the stand-in protagonist of the story. Most viewers want a sense of the vivid and dynamic life they can live in these clothes.

You can portray this by staying in motion during a shoot. Sure, you might not be running across the street (unless that’s what the cameraman wants).

Yet, small movements to your fashion model poses, such as changing the position of your hands or taking a step, give the shot a sense of movement. In turn, the picture gets a sense of life.

Use Fashion Model Poses to Gain Interest

From the time we’re young, we’re trained to look directly into the camera and smile.

In modeling, though, this isn’t often the best approach.

Again, think about the concept of storytelling. You want to be able to draw the viewer in and make them think there’s something interesting going on.

You can create this intrigue by angling your face away from the camera. The degree to which you do this will depend heavily on the shoot.

If you’re getting your headshot done, for example, you should only angle your face slightly. All of your features should still be visible. However, the angle creates a sense of mystique.

It can make the viewer want to know more about you. This will ultimately work in your favor once the headshot is in the hands of someone who could hire you.

Interested in Modeling?

If you’re looking to try your hand at modeling, you’re going to want an agency on your side.

Why look for a modelling agency? Agencies have connections and can help you find work, which makes getting an agent a crucial career move.

Into Fashion?

Now that you know more about fashion model poses, it’s time to learn more about fashion!

If you want to become a fashion model, it’s good to try to immerse yourself in the world of fashion.

But you likely have questions, such as how to style certain items of clothing.

We have answers! BluFashion specializes in giving you top-notch fashion advice. Check out the rest of our articles today!

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