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Create Fashion Brand‘s heritage spans 31 years and started from humble origins. The journey has been a fascinating one, with the accumulated manufacturing skills being handed down the generations. We are passionate about the industry and our professionalism and constantly strive to improve our techniques and performance.

Now our factory has been recognized globally for superior product quality, excellence of service, and keen pricing models. These key values are the inherent driver behind everything that we do.

While our responsibility to enduring client relationships remains as strong as it has always been, we are constantly moving forward with an expanding client base of international garment brands who depend on us to meet the demands of today’s marketplace.


Our team, manufacturing base colleagues, and network of suppliers work in harmony. C.F.B is a family of dedicated professionals who firmly believe that Aristotle was right when he said: “…the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” By working closely together, we are able to focus on the important issues of the supply chain, ensuring greater efficiency and margins for all.

We like to think of those who use our services as being part of the team and not just clients. T.E.A.M may be a well-used acronym, but it is one we fully embrace: “Together Everyone Achieves More.”

Honesty, integrity, and transparency are fundamental to our business ethos. We firmly believe in the principles of mutual respect and courtesy for colleagues, suppliers, customers, and clients.

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We started our long journey in the clothing manufacturing industry by making fashion clothing for well-known and new brands. These skills are more diverse than just cutting and machining; they also demand the need for keen cost management and pricing. We are also committed to ecology and environmental issues. Our products are subject to the most rigorous testing.

Production Plant and Working Lines

We have a product quality monitor in each working line examining the work during the production so that each worker in the line will realize immediately when they make a “mistake” and remedy accordingly during the production, which ensures the defect won’t accumulate into the mass.

Cutting Facilities

With full CMT facilities, we have the advantage since they are able to monitor and control the whole process from start to finish.

Warehousing Facilities

Within our 3 facilities, we have a secure 2,400 sq.m. warehouse, which has 24/7 manned security, ensuring your order is safe physically and intellectually.

Procurement Department

With our professional procurement department, your fantastic design ideas can be made into reality sec to none by our precise procurement and our professional sample maker.

Competitive Pricing

Our highly skilled and efficient workforce, together with our state-of-the-art facility and machinery means that our pricing is keenly competitive without any compromise on quality.

Proactive Policy

Once we have agreed on your order, you can be secure in the knowledge that production will be to the time scale and costs agreed. Our policy is to keep you informed of progress at every stage of the manufacturing process.


Being a mere three hours by train from Lisbon, our factory is convenient for management visits or accessing the major shipping routes by sea, road, or air, allowing fast delivery of your order.

Factory Audits and Compliance

Having been in the garment industry since 1989, Create Fashion Brand has always embraced international initiatives relating to employment, community, and environment. We like to think we lead by example in this regard.

All our operations, including our 3 factories, comply with the rigorous requirements of our customers, many of whom are major international corporates. The welfare of our staff and colleagues is concerned, and we do not work to the minimum requirement but like to think we raise the benchmark here.

Our factories are regularly audited and fully comply with GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard regulations, but if you require further confirmation of our high standards of working practice, then we will be more than happy to accommodate a visit from an organization or auditor of your choice.

Production Capacity

By employing systems optimization procedures, we are better able to manage our 2,400 sq.m. (25,800 sq.ft) factory facilities and coordinate the production flow harmoniously with our 110+ workforce. This allows us to give our customers competitive prices and enhances proactive response times and reduces critical supply chain risk.

We have the experience, technical skills, and infrastructure model necessary to fulfill the most demanding and sophisticated garment requirement—all of this while still maintaining our high standards of quality, service, and efficiency.

Our production capability is over 12,000 pieces of quality garments per month. Within our facility, we have a secure 2,400 sq.m. warehouse, which has 24/7 manned security, ensuring your order is safe physically and intellectually.

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Having a diverse range of skills in clothing manufacturing, and with our highly efficient facility, we are able to produce Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s every day (casual) wear and sportswear.

We started our long journey in the luxury clothing manufacturing industry by the production of high-quality clothing in Portugal.

These skills are more diverse than just cutting and machining; they also demand the need for keen cost management and pricing with an astute eye for fabric and accessory procurement. Add to this the subcontract printing and packaging requirement, and you have the complete package to fulfill your every need in this sector under one roof.

We are also committed to the safety aspects of our products and the ecology and environmental issues so essential in today’s world. Particularly where children’s costumes are concerned, our products are subject to the most rigorous testing.

Fashion Clothing For Well-known and New Brands

We combine traditional fine tailoring with contemporary production methods to create superb everyday wear for well-known and new brands. Regardless of whether it is casual wear, leisurewear, outerwear, or sportswear, with our intelligent supply solution, we are able to meet the most stringent customer demand for quality, efficiency, and competitive pricing.

The fact that we supply some international iconic brands of casual wear is a testament to our skills and efficiency. Our quality control procedure ensures that every piece of our work is examined prior to dispatch. And remember: your own on-site monitoring team will always be welcome to opt-in at any stage of production.

With our expertise in production, we can create samples from a simple creative brief or from a full technical pack depending on your requirements.

Fabrics & Accessories

We are one of the few garment manufacturers with our own fabric and accessories department. This office is tasked with procuring suitable products which are monitored from prototyping right through to the finished commodity. One benefit being that the run rates can be optimized to match your core product development in the “mother” plant, consequently enhancing efficiency and costs.

Our strong presence in the textile and accessories markets enables us to rapidly source fabrics and accessories that meet your aspirational standards on aesthetics, performance, lead time, consistency, and price. Fabric and accessories contracts can always be pre-confirmed by you before the production of your garments commences, ensuring clarity of communication and agreement on the required standards as to color, touch, appearance, and quality.

This department can also work closely with you and our subcontracted fabric mills and accessories suppliers to create unique designs exclusively for you.

What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different
  • Annual audits, supporting customer’s initiatives, and regular on-site visits with a Compliance focus, enhancing the reputation of your brand.
  • Your design will be closely developed and tailored to your brand identity and pricing architecture.
  • Our sophisticated procurement team can assist you in sourcing and developing fabric and accessories.
  • Working proactively with you ensures that the finished products always meet your expectations.
  • We are always happy to accommodate your own on-site team for QC purposes affording you peace of mind.
  • Delivery schedules are optimized by our logistics team to suit your shipping program.


“Trifles make perfections, and perfection is no trifle,” so said Michelangelo, and it’s a maxim shared by us. We as C.F.B always try to excel in every detail and devote ourselves to the best solution for any requirements of garment production.

Get In Touch

Get In Touch – Step One

We always love to hear from new clients! Get in touch for an informal, friendly chat, at which time we can work through your requirements and specifications in order to evaluate how best to progress your inquiry.

Product Development

Product Development – Step Two

Our sampling department is able to work from full specifications packs or brief conceptual ideas. Working proactively with you to provide proto samples and first phase samples to your complete satisfaction.


Procurement – Step Three

If you require help with fabric and accessories procurement, then we can assist through our network of mills and suppliers. Once we have agreed on all specifications, including accessories, then we can move to the next stage.

Production Step Four

Production – Step Four

Having agreed on all design and specification parameters, we can go into production with contractualized time-scales, prices, and delivery dates. All packaging, branding, bar-codes, and labeling will be to agreed standards and type.

Quality Control

Quality Control – Step Five

As stated elsewhere on our website, Quality Control will be rigorous and can be overseen, where required, by your own agents or team. AQL will be critically assessed as an ongoing adjunct to QC parameters.

Warehouse Dispatch

Warehouse & Dispatch – Final Step

Finished garments will be stored in our secure warehousing awaiting shipping to your chosen point or points of destination. Shipping will be as agreed and will be by default FOB or as contractually stated.

Quality Control

Garment quality is at the core of what we do. From the first point of contact, we have procedures in place to ensure that every part of the manufacturing process is monitored. All our products will comply with tight AQL parameters.

Having once agreed with your sampling requirements, including proto samples, fabric samples, fitting, and pre-production samples, then, subject to your approval, production will commence.

The whole production process is monitored by key team members of staff whose role is to ensure that the garment is perfect prior to moving to the next production stage. We welcome any QC monitoring input that you may require: be it your own in-house factory team or third party agents.


Mission Statement

Having been established for many years, we are proud of the reputation we have acquired in the industry for reliability, efficiency, and price competitiveness – and that reputation is all-important to us.

“One-stop Shop” really does define what we are. We have full CMT capability and using CAD and production optimization systems. We can undertake most garment manufacturing requirements entirely in-house. We can also source fabrics, textiles, and accessories to your specifications. If you require part production on a subcontract basis, then we can accommodate this too.

From collaborating on your design requirements right through all the sampling and evaluation stages culminating in labeling, packaging, and dispatch, you can rely on our services. This is our MISSION and COMMITMENT to you.


Showroom: Avenida dos Pescadores nº205 4490-013 Póvoa de Varzim, Portugal

Factory for knit: Roriz – Barcelos Portugal

Factory for Woven: Várzea – Vila do Conde Portugal

Factory for Woven: Beiriz

Warehouse/ Send goods / Samples: Avenida dos Pescadores 205, 4490-013 Povoa de Vazim

Head Office +351 912 148 425

Showrrom- +351 252 132 697

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