The color blush pink is a very trendy, especially now that Rose Quartz, which is basically blush, has been declared one of the colors of the year. It’s a beautiful, soft, feminine shade that, unfortunately, doesn’t look good against many skin tones. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s a tricky color for most to wear. Many women will feel washed out or dull in a color that is so light. Well, thank goodness for accessories because they are the best way to incorporate this trendy color into your wardrobe in a flattering manner.

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Blush Pink

1. What does blush pink look like?

There is a huge variety of blush pink out there, from very saturated shades to light, dusty tones that resemble buff and beige. Just like there are different blush makeup shades out there, there are also many different clothing and accessory blush pink colors. If you don’t look good in very light pastel shades, look for deeper, rosier blush tones. Here are some blush accessories to consider, along with tips on how to wear them.

2. Blush shoes

Blush shoes

Be it a pair of gorgeous suede heels or a pair of casual sandals, and blush shoes will be a wonderful addition for your wardrobe this spring. The benefit of wearing this color in a pair of shoes is it is nowhere near your face.  Blush pumps can make a basic navy suit look more feminine while still keeping it professional, and a pair of casual blush shoes look great with denim, olive skinny cargos, and can lighten up black.

3. Blush handbags

Blush handbags

Blush looks beautiful in leather. Why not pick up a blush handbag? It will work with a lot of your outfits. If you go with a very light blush handbag, you can treat it like a beige handbag that can equally work well with anything.

4. Blush belts

Blush belts

Try a skinny blush belt. Feed it through the belt loops, and use it to add some softness to a pantsuit or trousers or to cinch the waist of your favorite summer dresses or just to add some softness to your little black dress. Looking for more ways to get more from your basic black dress?  Try these tips.

5. Blush jewelry

Blush jewelry

If blush is a good face color for you, meaning you don’t look washed out in it, fill in your neckline with a blush bib necklace or pair of earrings. You can also wear blush jewelry nowhere near your face by choosing a blush bracelet. With rose gold such a trendy metal color in jewelry, you can address this blush trend with your rose gold, too.

6. Blush scarves

Blush scarves

Scarves have a lightness to them that works perfectly with the color blush. Even if blush isn’t your best color, you can still try out this color. Just look for printed scarves that have blush mixed richer colors that are more flattering against your skin.

Blush is a very soft color that may appear passive or too girly

Because of its softness, blush pink can come across as a very passive and sweet color. In situations where you want to look powerful and strong, be sure to pair this shade with richer, bolder, and deeper colors to balance out the lightness of blush.

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