Bras can be amazing things. They can give you the support you need, they can make your shape look great, and for women with certain types of breasts, they can solve a world of comfort problems. With all this in mind, though, sometimes they’re still… the worst.

If wearing a bra just isn’t in the cards for you today, don’t let the world make you feel like you’re committing a crime. Here are 30 perfectly legitimate reasons to forgo the boulder-holder and relieve the cleave.

  1. You’re just not feeling it.
  2. You’re having a really good nipple day.
  3. You want to pretend you’re a Victoria’s Secret model on her day off.
  4. Rihanna probably isn’t wearing one.
  5. Neither is Selena Gomez.
  6. And you know Lindsay Lohan isn’t.
  7. You made a promise to yourself to never wear something Rihanna, Selena Gomez, or Lindsay Lohan wouldn’t wear.
  8. You can’t let the patriarchy win!
  9. Or the powerful bra lobbyists!
  10. All your bras need to be hand washed.
  11. There will literally never come a day when you have enough spare time with which to hand wash a bra.
  12. You’re sick of getting elastic lines on your skin.
  13. You’re sick of trying to find subtle ways to adjust your undergarments in public.
  14. You’re wearing a big sweater and no one can even tell.
  15. You’re wearing a tight tank top and no one can even tell.
  16. You’re not in the mood to give a shit if someone can tell.
  17. Katie Holmes didn’t wear one on Dawson’s Creek, and what, you’re gonna pretend you’re better than her?
  18. You woke up like this. You woke up like this.
  19. All your bra straps need to be adjusted.
  20. Who has the patience to adjust their bra straps?
  21. You just wanna let your freak flag fly.
  22. Breast feeding requires easy access.
  23. You’re only going out for a few minutes.
  24. You’re going out all day.
  25. You want to look sexy.
  26. You don’t even care what you look like.
  27. You want to look like you’re the kind of sexy woman who doesn’t even care what she looks like.
  28. Because you’re the only one who calls the shots about your body.
  29. Because life’s too short to waste it away in boob jail.
  30. Because you do what you want.

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