26 Bra Tips, Tricks & Hacks That Will Change How You Hold Up Your Boobs Forever

Have you ever dealt with a straying strap, bulging bra line, or an inability to find your size? Don’t worry, we all have–but luckily, there are easy ways to fix these issues!

Storytime! For years, I actually wore the entirely wrong bra size. I popped on a 38C because I had no idea how the band was supposed to fit, nor how the cups were supposed to look–not even how to wash them properly. I thought looser was comfier, and therefore better–even though it offered zero support for my breasts and actually was less comfortable in the long run. Then, a friend showed me how the band was intended to look when it fits, so I opted to actually get measured. Voila! Turns out I’m an effing 34DDD and had absolutely no idea because I had never known what to do with my bra.

Hopefully, you’re not in the same naive position I was, but regardless of your level of understanding on the bra front, you should be able to learn a thing or two about what’s holding up your boobs via these hacks. Thank goodness once again for the source of all knowledge when it comes to easy tricks: Pinterest.

1. Paperclip your bra straps.

Paperclip your bra straps

As somebody whose bra straps show on the sides all the time, I think this trick is totally brilliant.

2. Sew your bra strap inside your shirt.

Sew your bra strap inside your shirt

Speaking of visible bra straps, this is also totally brilliant. While I wouldn’t recommend spending this much energy on your clothes that aren’t worn for work or to special events, I think this is the perfect way to confidently go sleeveless without worrying about having a bright blue spray making a break for it down your shoulder.

3. How to wear a bra with a strapless dress.

How to wear a bra with a strapless dress

My boobs are entirely too big to go braless most of the time without feeling pangs of mild anxiety; this is probably one of the best tricks I’ve ever heard, ever ever…ever.

4. Cup size vs. band size.

Cup size vs. band size

I mixed these up for ages when I was younger, and I bet I’m not the only one.

5. How to fix bra faux pas.

How to fix bra faux pas

The quadraboob is something I’ve been totally guilty of. 🙁

6. How to determine if your bra fits.

How to determine if your bra fits

As a side note, can I steal this girl’s bra?

7. Sad bra facts.

20 Bra Fitting Hacks, Tips And Tricks From Pinterest

As somebody who definitely wore a cup size that was entirely too large for her body, I am part of #the85%.

8. Strapless, backless solution.

Strapless bra, backless solution

Having your bra’s band show in a backless shirt looks more than a little silly (and, if you’re a paranoid person like me, feels stressful at the prospect of some jerk undoing it). This is a snazzy way to look like it’s simply part of your outfit rather than an inconvenient undergarment.

9. Stack when you store.

Bra Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Ah, this makes sense as to why Victoria’s Secret stacks all their bras in those drawers, besides the obvious reason that they simply want to display all the colors. Imagine how cute your lingerie drawer will look with all your pretty (or simple, black, lacy, whatever–I don’t know your boobwear) lingerie stacked up!

10. How to calculate your bra size.

How to calculate your bra size

Seriously, it is way harder than those cute little books your mom buys you as a preteen make it out to be. This little infographic makes it all much more simple.

11. How to deal with a flattening bra.

How to deal with a flattening bra

This is a great tip for anybody who’s ever been confused about which direction to go in when a size you’re trying on just doesn’t fit. I actually always assumed you should just go up a band number, not a cup size, which explains how I wound up at a 38C a few years ago instead of anywhere near the size I actually am. Mistakes, mistakes! Luckily, Pinterest is here to spread some accurate information.

12. Sister sizes.

Bunch of bras at different stores

Good for when you’re at the mall and try on a bunch of bras at different stores.

13. How to get the perfect fit.

How to get the perfect fit

Numerous suggestions for those who are at a loss of where to start searching and which bras to try out!

P.S. Oh my goodness, I want that blue bra sketch to come to fruition so I can buy it.

14. Bra types.

Types of Bra: Bra Styles Every Women Should Know

This helpful little graphic lists the types of bras you can choose as well of the benefits of each.

15. Bra stacking, pt. 2!

Genius Ways to Fold Your Bras to Save Major Space

Re #9: Like I said, how gorgeous does this look?

16. Extra bra organization.

Best Bra Organization ideas

If you’re feeling really precise about bra storage, you can divide up your lingerie into separate sections in your drawer, thus elimination any clutter and preventing disorganization later on.

17. Bra travel storage.

Underwear Organiser Bag Travel Organiser

This is called the “CupCase” and it looks amazing. Whenever I travel, I always wind up accidentally squishing my bras, even when I stack them together and put them in between soft stuff. This case allows them to keep their shape, even in a packed suitcase. Snazzy!

18. Even more bra types!

Which type of bra is best?

Am I the only person who can never tell the difference between balconette bras and demi-cup ones?

19. What’s the best bra for your breast type?

What's the best bra for your breast type

If you’re not sure which bras you should be wearing, this infographic from HerRoom offers tons of help.

20. Pokemon bra (Pokebra!) DIY.

How to Make A Pokemon Bra

Yes, you need this. Of course, you do.

21. How to convert your bra into a nursing bra.

How to convert your bra into a nursing bra

New mothers, take notice!

22. Studded bra DIY.

DIY Studded Bra Ideas

Because you know you won’t actually use this a million times if you drop $60 on a brand new one. Just DIY it instead!

23. Cage bra DIY.

Make Your Own DIY Cage Bra

Convert your top into the perfect cage bra for a music festival.

24. Velcro bra.

Buy bras with velcro front closure at affordable price

This is a gorgeous way to add flare to your bra like in the earlier DIY, but this time, there’s velcro and color!

25. How to repair an underwire bra.

How to repair an underwire bra

No more poking!

26. Vintage Bra…Hacks.

Vintage Bra Hacks


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