Why Prescription Sports Sunglasses and Glasses Are Necessary
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Eye care is a vital aspect of human health. With this in mind, eyecare professionals recommend regular eye checkups to ensure that any developing conditions are detected and handled in time.

However, ensuring that your optical health is good entails more than having regular eye checkups. Prescription glasses are also essential for taking care of your vision when engaging in sporting activities. You can visit 9five.com, which will provide you great prescription sunglasses for your needs.

Prescription sports sunglasses are used by sportsmen and the general population at large for various reasons. Prescription sunglasses offer impeccable eye care and protection at all times during sports.

For prescription sunglasses, one is given a prescription by an optician after undergoing several tests. The prescription given is specifically designed for the patient to counter the visual impairment that one has. 

In this article, we highlight the various reasons why prescription sports sunglasses and glasses are necessary.

  1. UV Ray Protection When Sporting 

Sports expose one to the sun and its UV rays a lot. This causes significant danger to sportsmen, and it is made worse by the fact that most sportsmen do not know how the UV rays can affect their visual health

Past studies on the effects of ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun revealed several factors. One significant factor that was discovered is that while UV rays help in the creation process of vitamin D, UV rays also cause negative effects. 

UV rays pose a risk to human eyesight. Prolonged exposure to UV rays in sports causes detrimental effects on one’s cornea, lens, and the surface tissues of the eye. When doing any activities in the sun, one must use prescription sports sunglasses that offer UV rays protection.

The use of prescription glasses while exposed to the sun, especially during sporting events helps to prevent the occurrence of eye conditions such as macular degeneration

When partaking in any outdoor sports activity, one should use prescription sports sunglasses to offer protection from the extreme sun rays. Buy your prescription sports sunglasses online and ensure you have them with you when sporting. This will help ensure that your visual health is not compromised in the sun.

  1. Prevention of Aging Signs

The sun is known to have detrimental effects on different parts of the human body. This is the reason why people use sunscreen during sporting events.

When one is exposed to the sun rays without sunscreen, the skin develops various aging signs such as skin sagginess, wrinkling, uneven skin tone, etc. Sunscreen helps ensure the skin looks young and does not get affected by the sun. Since sunscreen is not recommended for use around the eyes, one is left open to getting the aging signs on the skin around the eyes.

Prescription sunglasses are recommended for protecting the areas around the eyes when one is exposed to the sun during sports. The sunglasses have polarized lenses that prevent the negative impacts of sunlight on your skin. For those looking to have good skin, having prescription sports sunglasses alongside your sunscreen of choice is the best option.

  1. Protection from Debris and Allergens

Eye allergies are a common complaint among many people, especially during spring and summer. These seasons feature numerous allergens in the air that trigger various eye allergies. 

The most common allergens that affect the eyes are pollen, spores, and dust. When one is engaging in sporting activities, they are particularly vulnerable to the various eye allergens. Exposure to eye allergens can significantly ruin one’s performance in their sport due to the allergen reactions. Eye reactions to allergens can include rupturing capillaries due to itchiness, eye redness, watery discharge from the eyes, etc. 

In some cases, the allergen reactions can become fatal. Prescription glasses and sunglasses are perfect to keep your eyes safe from allergens during any sporting activity. With prescription sports sunglasses, a sportsperson gets total protection of the eyes against various allergens in the air. 

  1. Enhancing Sight
Why You Need Prescription Sports Sunglasses and Glasses
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Sportspersons who have any visual problem that impacts their vision quality are often put at a disadvantage when sporting. This is because they cannot use their regular prescription glasses.

Cases of sportspersons having a blurry vision are numerous. One can have blurry vision due to a myriad of reasons such as short-sightedness, abrasions on the cornea, etc. When you inform your optician that you experience blurry vision, the optician will undertake tests to come up with a prescription.

Based on the test results, the optician will give a prescription that will grant you clear vision. The prescription is integrated into your sports sunglasses to ensure you have clear vision even when sporting. The use of prescription sports sunglasses for offering better sight has benefitted numerous sportsmen and sportswomen globally.

  1. Glare Reduction During Sports

Glare is basically when one faces difficulty seeing due to the presence of a bright light shining directly at their eyes. Glares are common on sunny days. 

Glares create a safety hazard in many incidents, one of which is during outdoor sports. Numerous complaints of extreme glares caused by the sun or stadium lights have been brought up by athletes. This is because glares hinder vision when one is participating in the sport. Sports sunglasses come in to ensure that an athlete’s performance is not hindered by glares.

Prescription sports sunglasses offer glare reduction among all other mentioned benefits of prescription sports sunglasses. By reducing glare, prescription sports sunglasses ensure that one does not experience periods of poor vision during any sporting activity.


With these numerous advantages of owning and wearing prescription glasses and sunglasses, you ought to buy them. The advantages of prescription sunglasses are greater for people who use prescription glasses. With prescription sunglasses, your regular prescription can be built into your sunglasses. This helps eliminate the need of having separate pairs of sunglasses.

When looking to purchase prescription glasses and sunglasses, you should ensure that you get them from reliable optical shops. This is an easy way to ensure that you get quality eyewear that will serve you well.

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