If you are looking for ways to add flair to your wardrobe, then colored sunglasses are what’s best for you! They’re an easy and affordable way to take any look from basic to bold. But, with so many options available, it can be challenging to style them. 

Fortunately, this article has got you covered. You’ll read four stylish ways to wear colored sunglasses to make yourself stand out in any crowd. Whether you want to rock casual wear, professional wear, vacation style, or unique event styling, there’s something for everyone.

  1. Casual wear

Take your casual look to the next level with denim jackets, tees, and a pop of color from your favorite pair of sunnies. Jeans and sunglasses are timeless pairings, so why not add some extra flair? Layer a denim jacket over a solid tee for an effortlessly cool vibe. To elevate the look, don’t be afraid to choose fun-colored sunglasses. 

If you’re feeling bold, try matching them with a graphic tee. The contrast between the bright colors and crisp lines will make an unforgettable statement. Pairing colored eyewear like Jacques Marie Mage sunglasses with casual tees is also a great way to spice up your everyday wardrobe. 

Whether you opt for basic black or something more daring like pink or yellow, adding just one piece can change the tone of any outfit. Complete the look with a comfortable fit, such as skinny jeans and slip-on sneakers, for a classic yet stylish finish.

  1. Professional wear

You can instantly elevate your professional look by adding a touch of personality with the right colored sunglasses. You may want to avoid flashy pieces and focus on neutral tones when wearing suits. Choose sunglasses that go well with the classic look of any suit color. Consider neutral shades like brown, grey, or tortoise for a subtler style. 

Pair brightly colored frames with monochrome navy blue or charcoal grey suits to make your ensemble unique. For business casual outfits like button-downs, blouses, and slacks, bold frame colors like burgundy and olive green are excellent choices that add a pop of color while still appearing sleek and professional. 

If you’re wearing skirts with blouses or tops, go for bright hues like pink and yellow for an extra fun and eye-catching look. Remember that the goal is to balance fashion-forward styling with appropriate office attire.

How do you style colored glasses?
  1. Vacation styling

You can also spice up your getaway look with a pair of stylish sunnies for your vacation. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or sightseeing in a new city, colored sunglasses are the perfect accessory for any adventure.  

With so many colors, you can easily find shades matching every outfit. For a casual but chic look, opt for shorts and sunglasses. Choose complementary hues that will enhance your ensemble without overwhelming it and create an eye-catching contrast. And when it comes to exploring a new destination, try pairing sneakers and jeans with some vibrant sunglasses. With dresses, choose bolder frames that stand out against the fabric’s lighter tones, creating a fresh and fun vibe.

  1. Styling for special events

Step out in style and make a statement at any special event by adding a unique pair of colored sunglasses. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, or another type of celebration, colored sunglasses can enhance your outfit and give it a unique twist. 

For a more formal occasion like a wedding, consider choosing glasses with sophisticated frames and muted hues that will complement the colors in your ensemble. You can also add some boldness to an otherwise classic evening look with bright shades in vibrant colors like red or yellow.

Why not embrace the bohemian trend if you’re attending a casual event? Pick out an airy dress or skirt suit and pair it with round-framed sunglasses in earthy tones such as tortoiseshell or brown that will add warmth to your outfit. Music festivals are the perfect opportunity to have fun with fashion and let loose. 

Take inspiration from rockstars of past decades and mix edgy pieces like leather jackets and ripped jeans with aviator-style frames for an effortlessly cool vibe. With these tips on styling colored sunglasses for special events, you’ll surely turn heads.


Now that you’ve got your colored sunglasses, it’s time to style them. Plenty of options exist, from something casual, professional, or even styles for any summer event! You can easily rock any look with a few simple tips and tricks. 

Thanks to the versatility of colored sunglasses, you can create countless stylish looks that will take your wardrobe to the next level. So, grab your shades and show off your unique style today!

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