10 Mirrored Sunglasses You Won't Want To Take Off Of Your Face

When it comes to sunglasses, a girl can never have enough. Look, you may lose them at the beach or you just want something a bit more fashion-forward, I totally understand. I have an entire section of my dresser dedicated to my collection of sunglasses. But until I saw the newest trend in sunnies, I had stuck to what I knew, dark lenses and tortoiseshell frames. But that all changed.

At first, when I saw mirrored sunglasses on a woman, I immediately thought of those crazy, holographic ones with the images on them that they handed out of Sweet 16s when I was in high school. But after I tried on my first pair, and subsequently saw probably about 1 in 5 women on the street rocking iridescent lenses, I kind of fell in love. These sunglasses are fantastic, and the mirrored lenses let you stare at anyone you want without them knowing.

When I showed my best friend a photo of my pair, and she said I looked like a “chic housefly” so obviously it was the best compliment ever. If you want to look like the raddest insect on the block, these sunnies are for you. Here are 10 pairs of mirrored and iridescent sunglasses that you’ll want to wear all day long.

1. Illesteva ‘Boca’ Sunglasses (Nordstrom, $220)

Illesteva ‘Boca' Sunglasses

I started with the most expensive pair first because I just want you guys to see how freakin’ awesome these kinds of sunglasses can be. This pair is like if Audrey Hepburn went clubbing and I love it.

2. Le Specs Half Moon Magic Sunglasses (ShopBop, $59)

Le Specs Half Moon Magic Sunglasses

These babies have a similar shape to the super expensive Illesteva ones but have a less cray-cray lens. The goldtone of the lenses works with every skin tone and the slight cat-eye frame is super flattering.

3. Two-Tone Half Round Sunglasses (Urban Outfitters, $16)

Two-Tone Half Round Sunglasses

Get the classic Clubmaster shape, at a 10th of the price. These are universally flattering and the reflective lenses are such a cool departure from the regular dark ones.

4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Mirrored Sunglasses (ShopBop, $120)

Marc by Marc Jacobs Mirrored Sunglasses

The square frame is a classic shape, but the lenses say “Hey, I’m pretty cool too.” These are the Cool Mom of sunglasses.

5. Dispease in Emerald Tortoise (Sunski, $55)

Dispease in Emerald Tortoise

This is the pair that I have and honestly, they’re so great. I get compliments on them (CHIC HOUSEFLY!) constantly and the shape of the frame is perfect. I look much cooler than I actually am.

6. Matte Round Sunglasses (Forever21, $5.90)

Matte Round Sunglasses

What these guys probably lack in quality, makes up for it in shape and style. Chicness shouldn’t be about the price tag and you don’t have to worry about not eating for a week to make up the difference if you happen to lose them.

7. Forecast a Glance Sunglasses in Tortoiseshell (ModCloth, $50)

Forecast a Glance Sunglasses in Tortoiseshell

The shape of these is absolutely perfect and I love the simple packaging as well. The slight cat-eye is once again super flattering on anyone and these are just the perfect segue into mirrored sunglasses that you almost forget the lenses kind of look like a broken TV screen.

8. Vision of Love Clear Mirrored Sunglasses (LuLu’s, $10)

Vision of Love Clear Mirrored Sunglasses

I wish I were cool enough to pull these off. The clear frames are AMAZING and I absolutely adore the cool, blue tones of the lenses. It’s basically the ocean in a pair of sunglasses.

9. Quay Isabell Mirror Cat Eye Sunglasses (ASOS, $48)

Quay Isabell Mirror Cat Eye Sunglasses

HOW COOL ARE THESE. Chevron. Mirrored lenses. Cat eye. These are everything.

10. Cutout Bar Mirrored Aviators (Forever21, $7.90)

Cutout Bar Mirrored Aviators

Aviators are tried-and-true, and mirrored aviators are the pair of sunnies I’ve always loved. The cutout shape makes these a modern take on a classic, and these won’t make you look like you forgot your cop costume.

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