Learn How to Wear Your Glasses With Flair

There was a time when wearing glasses would put a girl in the category of the serious and thereby unapproachable type. In fact, it was even said that gentlemen do not like women who wear glasses unless that is all they were wearing, a sentiment that had women getting resentful. But today, wearing glasses is no longer a hindrance to your getting attention. If anything looking nerdy with glasses is the new definition of sexy. You can see beautiful girls wearing glasses and learn how to look prettier with glasses.

Now glasses are not worn just when you consider some choices for what you should wear on the beach but also worn with confidence all the time. In fact, you could wear glasses to a party and still look great. Just take some hints from those beautiful women wearing sunglasses and work it into your glass-wearing style, and you will find that the look really works.

Here Are Some Useful Tips That Will Enable You To Wear Glasses With Flair:

Go for glass frames that are not too thick

The first mistake that women make when picking out glasses is not spending enough time looking and finding the right frame. Often women will see someone else wearing an awesome pair of glasses and just go for that. But that definitely is not the way to go, as each person has a different and distinct face in terms of the shape, size, and features of the face. Most women look better when they wear glasses that have frames that are not too thick.

Better to go for glasses that are thinner

Today, you have the technology that will provide you with glasses that are thin, even for those who have a higher eye power. Do your research and invest in good-quality glasses. Another thing to avoid and especially when you have a higher power is photochromatic glasses that will add thickness to your glasses.

Keep the glass clean and clear

There is nothing worse than when you wear glasses that look constantly oily and smudged. Make sure that you have cleaned the glasses to a sheen when you step out of the house for a smart look.

Spend time to ensure a good fit

Glasses that are constantly slipping on your nose or make your face twitch or those that require many adjustments are what make a person with glasses look bad. It is important that you spend time at the shop seeking adjustment of the glasses in such a way as to ensure that you wear them with ease. You may not think this is important, but it will make all the difference.

Do not sacrifice eye makeup

Just because you are wearing glasses does not mean that you do not wear eye makeup. Invest in eye makeup that will not smudge easily and wear it. Try and keep the look simple but attractive so that when people look at your face, they notice your eyes which are anyway going to be emphasized by the glasses.

If you wear fringes, keep them short

When you have hair falling on the forehead, you need to ensure that they are trimmed and set in the proper manner when you wear glasses. Or else you will find that the hair keeps falling on the glasses and making things look awkward.

As you can see, wearing glasses can easily be inculcated into your style quotient, and you can really look smart and well-dressed while wearing glasses as long as you are a little careful in the choices you make.

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