Glasses for Square Faces

Glasses for Square Faces

Strong jawlines and broad foreheads tell the story of square-shaped faces, endowing you with a look that commands respect and an air of poise—all you need is the right pair of frames or sunglasses to complete the look. This also means you’re looking for oval and round frames to offset your angular features. Don’t just stop there—butterfly shapes and temples that connect at the top of eyewear or set in the center will also soften your mien, and frames that sit high on the face helps downplay how a square jawline usually sticks out.

How high the frame is positioned on your face helps define its proportions.

Stay away from geometric and square frames that accentuate facial corners, low-set temples, and color-heavy bottoms that emphasize the chin, but don’t let that cramp your style by any means. Rectangles and shapes that mimic that of your face can still work, as long as you make sure there is some roundness to its corners to reduce the overall harshness of more angles on an angular countenance. Although it’s best to avoid extremes, such as completely circular or boxy frames, this leaves nothing but oodles of choices in between that you won’t even notice those no-nos.

While some recommend that square faces should always choose eyewear with just one or two colors that aren’t so loud and smooth, clean lines, we find it hard to resist all the daring and fun palettes out in full force today. Let your wild side out, especially since cute frames will alleviate the seriousness that can come with such face shapes. Here’s a fine example of how you can make full use of your eyewear to create long-lasting impressions—after all, your face is usually the first thing others notice!

Best Glasses for Square Faces

With a long, lithe figure topped off with a square-shaped face, Lucy Liu is often seen in aviator sunglasses, which takes the focus off a heavier set chin, such as this Irwin by KayTran. Of course, her long, straight-flowing hair crowns off this look beautifully—here are some tips on the best hairdos for this face shape. Johnny Depp is another square (just in the face—we all know he is anything but!), and his addiction to great-looking eyewear all across the board in color and styles is a testament to all the choices available to you. Often seen sporting the Lemtosh in various color combos and sometimes with his trademark blue tints, Depp is the modern successor to the MOSCOT style Buddy Holly made famous.

Always remember: Ease the angles of your face by creating a lengthening illusion with frames that are wider than their height and with a strong top bar, such as aviators. Jackie-Os and cat-eyes are usually spacious enough to breadth to even out the depth of your squarish face shape. But watch outmdash; unless you’re shielding from the paparazzi, your face and all its lovely angles will down behind overly clunky frames!

Glasses for Square Faces

Gentlemen round off your chiseled features with something curvaceous, even better when cream and neutral tones help soften and subtly frame your face.

Glasses for Square Faces

Don’t worry if you feel your countenance is bogged down by squarish angles—go a-flutter for flattering butterfly-shaped frames that take the edge off the corners! They’re glamorously over-sized, yet feminine beyond fault.

Glasses for Square Faces

Aviator shapes help others’ eyes soar above your angular chin to focus on this evergreen style that stays sharp across all seasons.


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  1. My face is also a square shape. I think It will be a lot easier for me. Love this frame. Thanks goes to this post author.

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