The Givenchy Piercing sunglasses became instant classics upon their recent release. With their slightly hexagonal chunky black frames, circular metal hinges, and standout ‘piercing’ on the upper right lens, these shades from the luxe designer house are iconic, fusing vintage-feel glamor with cutting-edge attitude.

Made in Italy, the Givenchy Piercing model incorporates black acetate frames, gray tinted lenses (with a UV protection rating of 2), and three palladium-coated hinges attaching each armbar to the frame. The ‘piercing’ is comprised of gold-coated metal and studded with Swarovski crystals, and the brand’s name features in raised white lettering on the outside of both armbars. If you’re looking for a pair of shades that’ll turn heads this summer, the search is over!

Will the Givenchy Pierced Sunglasses Suit Me?

This model of sunglasses incorporates a subtle hexagon-shaped frame but with very curved edges – the mix of angularity and roundness means that they’re likely to suit the majority of face shapes. And while the lenses are large, they’re not so massively oversized that there’s a risk of the sunnies overwhelming the face.

It’s important to consider your skin tone when choosing eyewear, too. Black frames tend to suit those with cool skin tones best. However, if you love these sunglasses from Givenchy but have a warm skin tone, there’s a solution! The house also produced its Piercing model with tortoiseshell frames – and tortoiseshell suits both cool and warm skin-toned types. While this model is currently unavailable, you may be able to find a used pair online – and for a great price, too.

And if you need prescription sunglasses? As with the eyewear collections of most designer brands, corrective tinted lenses can be fitted into the frames of this model. Meaning there’s no need to let your eye prescription get in the way of your summer style.

What Makes These Shades So Desirable?

The Givenchy Piercing shades flew off the shelves of luxury retail outlets the moment they were released, and it’s no surprise why. Givenchy earned its name as the ‘enfant terrible’ of fashion in the 1950s after the house released its first collection of floaty skirts and elegant blouses inspired by architectural lines. This model of sunnies is proof that Givenchy is still more than capable of pushing the boundaries by taking a classic, oversized vintage-style frame and embellishing it with ‘piercing’ details to create an entirely new look.

As well as the eye-catching design, these sunglasses are also extremely high-quality and robust – not to mention the fact that they feature the stunning sparkle of Swarovski crystals. The Piercing model quickly became popular with both the glitterati and us mere models and can be regularly seen on both the beach and the red carpet.

The timeless style of these shades, as well as their designer credentials, means they’re likely to be a great long-term fashion investment, seeing you through years of vacations, days out, and trips to the pool.

Have Other Designers Made Piercing Sunglasses?

In the 1990s, designer Jean-Paul Gaultier unveiled its 56-0176 model: sunglasses with round metal frames, blue-tinted lenses, and a small silver-colored metal hoop ‘piercing’ on each hinge. Made in Japan and with twisted metal details on the frames and armbars, this model is now often referenced as being in the steampunk style and is highly sought-after by fashionistas and collectors alike. Due to this, expect to pay in the region of $2,000 for a pair – but you’ll be in good company if you splash out: superstar Rhianna has been snapped wearing this vintage model from Jean-Paul Gaultier during her concerts.

There are also several high street options out there, with piercings to the lenses or frames, with cat’s eye, hexagonal, or round frames, which could offer a cost-effective means to test drive the style if you’re not sure it’ll suit you.

Can I Wear Sunglasses if I Have a Real Bridge Piercing?

Bridge piercings have become extremely popular in recent years – if you’re considering taking the plunge and getting one done yourself, you may wonder whether you’ll be able to wear glasses while sporting your funky new facial embellishment.

You’ll be happy to know that, in most cases, bridge piercings won’t interfere with your ability to wear glasses or sunglasses – even shades that feature their own piercings! If, however, you do find that it’s not quite working, simply try switching to a shortened or curved barbell, which will likely resolve the problem. You could also try choosing face jewelry that has shorter or flat ends. If you’re concerned, take your glasses with you to your piercing session, so the piercer can ensure they place the piercing in the best place, taking this into account.

Givenchy Pierced Sunglasses: The Takeaway

Givenchy is a designer brand well known for its cutting-edge styling, bold designs, and outside-of-the-box looks, and the Pierced Sunglasses are a prime example of the house’s aesthetic. If you want a standout look this summer but also love a vintage vibe, you should definitely consider this model. If, however, you’re after subtle eyewear that blends into the background – the Pierced Sunglasses aren’t for you.

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