11 Pairs Of Novelty Sunglasses That Aren't Too Weird To Wear In Public

I’ve only recently discovered the joy of having multiple pairs of sunglasses. I used to think that all I really needed was single pair of aviators—I mean, it had taken me a few months to learn what shape actually worked for my face, so why stray away from something I know looks good, right? It wasn’t until I stumbled upon a pair of glasses with red holographic lenses and another pair with heart-shaped frames that I discovered a whole new world of fun novelty sunglasses.

Sure, there are some ridiculous ones out there, and I’m not suggesting you roll on into the office wearing pineapple-shaped lenses with a fake mustache dangling down from thin chains, but there are definitely some novelty shades out there are still totally wearable. In fact, here are 11 of them:

1. Cross My Heart Hope To Die Glasses ($9.99, zeroUV)

Cross My Heart Hope To Die Glasses

Okay, so I’ve been seeing these shades everywhere lately—is it just me? I’m not so sure I would ever wear sunglasses that are so big, mostly because I’m a little bit scarred by the oversized frames trend of the early 2000s, but I always love the way they look on everyone else.

2. UO Heartbreaker Sunglasses ($12, Urban Outfitters)

UO Heartbreaker Sunglasses

Like I said, there’s nothing not fun about a pair of heart-shaped frames. I got mine a few years ago from American Eagle Outfitters, but honestly, these are pretty much identical.

3. Gray UV Floral Sunglasses ($17, Etsy)

Gray UV Floral Sunglasses

Aren’t these just the cutest little flower sunglasses you ever did see? They kinda remind me of a more grown-up version of the sunglasses I wore around Disney World as a kid.

4. In Flavor Of These Sunglasses ($7.99, ModCloth)

In Flavor Of These Sunglasses

Do I understand what possessed someone to make these and sell them on the Internet? No. Am I mad about it? Also no.

5. Black Floral Print Cat Eye Sunglasses ($12.50, Claire’s)

Black Floral Print Cat Eye Sunglasses

Okay, okay, I get it. Some people don’t want to look like they’re going to a music festival when they’re just trying to buy groceries. The floral print on these is a pretty happy medium between the almost candy-esque appliques on the earlier shades, right? Right.

6. American Flag Aviator Sunglasses ($12, Nordstrom)

American Flag Aviator Sunglasses

I know there are some of you out there who think that American flag sunglasses are only for the Fourth of July, but, sorry, you’re all wrong. There’s never a wrong day to show your love for #Murica, so long as you can actually see through the lenses.

7. Rad And Refined Bejeweled Round Sunglasses ($65, Forever 21)

Rad And Refined Bejeweled Round Sunglasses

FYI, these also come in black-on-black, and they’re ridiculously cool.

8. Round Cutout Heart Sunglasses ($7.90, Forever 21)

Round Cutout Heart Sunglasses

They’re like the heart frames we saw earlier, but infinitely cooler.

9. Camden Cat Ear Sunglasses ($15, Dorothy Perkins)

Camden Cat Ear Sunglasses

For the aspiring cat lady. Also for the girl who might be embarrassed by the fact that she’s wearing novelty sunglasses in public but still wants to give the trend a go (because, really, anyone can pull off any trend), so when people ask her if she’s wearing cat ear sunglasses she can just say, “Oh, no, this is just an exaggerated Clubmaster frame.” Everyone knows that girl.

10. Suns Out Buns Out Sunglasses ($36, Rad And Refined)

Suns Out Buns Out Sunglasses

Guys, Rad And Refined might just be my new favorite brand. I’d seriously recommend going to their website, because they’ve got some awesome stuff over there, not all of which is relevant to this particular topic. Also, considering I recently purchased this pair of Sam Edelman espadrille flats with “Sun’s Out, Buns Out” printed on them, I think it’s safe to say that this is basically my summer slogan.

11. Now You See Me Cutout Sunglasses ($20, Nasty Gal)

Now You See Me Cutout Sunglasses

These feel very Lady Gaga-esque to me, am I alone in that?

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