Not long ago, I’ve discovered I needed glasses… and I thought, yeah, right! I struggled with the idea; however, I decided it’s time to take action as pretty much everything further than 3 meters away I was seeing blurred. I thought if I’ll need to wear something on my face the whole day, every day, then it better looked nice, and as we can all be impulsive shoppers at times… I went for expensive designer frames and in a purplish color!! They indeed look chic, but it’s kind of a no-no for an essential. Plus, I often had to swop between my sunnies and prescription glasses, which made me stop wearing my glasses.

Free Eye Test Specsavers Liverpool

One evening I popped into Specsavers in Kirkby on St Chads Parade, Kirkby Shopping Centre, Liverpool, and I was happy to discover this hidden gem in Liverpool. I was impressed by the selection of frames available and the lovely staff there. As you can probably imagine, I took my time and tried on a number of pairs of glasses as I was searching for the perfect frames which I had to love so much that it would not be a burden having them on. I knew I was looking for black frames and a cat-eye shape, so at least that kind of made it a bit easier…

I really appreciated the quality of the products, as well as the classic and discreet style of the designs. I knew I’d wear the frames confidently, and they would become one of my favorite accessories. So now that one box was ticked, I had to do something about the frequent changes of glasses, from sunnies to the prescription ones.

And what a better way than by having transition lenses fitted on my glasses. I haven’t thought about it previously as I wasn’t aware of the difficulties prescription glasses can bring along. At Specsavers, I discovered Acuvue Oasys’s latest Transitions lenses. I was pleased to find out that these lenses were created in order to provide us with enhanced contrast and colors. I’m still amazed by how the lenses adjust their color depending on whether I’m indoors or outdoors. If you’re in need of prescription glasses, I highly recommend you give a try to adaptive lenses as these become more and more the alternative to clear lenses. They save me time switching between pairs of glasses, as well as adjusting their color to the amount of light I’m exposed to so that my eyes don’t get tired.

Free Eye Test

Specsavers Liverpool offers totally all year round FREE EYE TESTS to all UK residents, no matter what your employment status! Using their free eye test vouchers, you and your family can enjoy totally free eye tests. 

Specsavers Liverpool

Who’s entitled to a free eye test?

The good news is everyone! Specsavers Liverpool offers everyone a free eye test. As long as you are a UK resident, you can enjoy a totally free eye test.

The Importance of regular eye tests

Having regular eye exams can and will improve the chances of you not having to wear glasses or to develop eye disease in the future. Don’t allow yourself to get bad news later in life. Keep your eyes checked on a regular basis, and this will help keep them healthy.

New Spectacles: Do You Need An Eye Test?

Last week I had an eye test after receiving a reminder from Specsavers. The great thing was that it was FREE!.

Specsavers do a pretty comprehensive test including a tonometer (a couple of puffs in the eye to test pressure in the eye and early signs of glaucoma); a retinoscope (staring your prescription by bouncing light off your eye); an ophthalmoscope (looking at eye health, nerves, and blood supply); a slit lamp (for looking at the outside of your eyes); the “oxo” box (to measure your eyes working together); as well as checking the focus to prescribe your prescription. The words are long, and the testing seems pretty all-inclusive. I know that they save a lot of people’s health with the things that these tests uncover.

So I had my test – my prescription hadn’t changed since my first one two years ago. But I’ve started to think that I need reading glasses, especially for the low light in the bedroom. So I ordered myself my first pair of reading glasses.

Can You Afford An Eye Test?

Because of the cost of eye tests, there are great worries that many are not getting their eyes tested when they should be. Action for Blind People (ABP) says that 25% of the UK may be endangering their vision because of the financial downturn. They are calling for people to get their eyes tested and not to be put off by the economic downturn after a study revealed that many are avoiding eye tests because of the cost.

In a separate survey commissioned by medical insurer Engage Mutual, indications are 26% are struggling to meet the cost of new spectacles.

A regular eye test ensures healthy eyesight. Book your free eye test today with Specsavers.

regular eye tests

Specsavers Liverpool

If you need an Optician in Liverpool, then you’re in the right place. Specsavers Liverpool is my favorite opticians in the city. Not only do they offer thorough eye tests for free and excellent glazing service, but they also carry an extensive range of contemporary and quality eyewear.

With such a variety of styles on offer, you’ll struggle not to find your ideal frame. They have a vast collection of unique and exclusive frames. Their expert style advisors will point you in the right direction, helping you find the perfect design, something that will enhance your features and complete that latest look.

Visit Specsavers Liverpool at 21 St Chad’s Parade, Kirkby Shopping Centre, Liverpool, L32 8RD, and keep your eye on the works at their website.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and if you have any tips for those of us that wear prescription glasses! Have a fab end of the week, everyone.

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