Around 164 million Americans wear eyeglasses and because many of us don them 24/7, it’s important to find a stylish frame.

The hunt for the perfect glasses can feel overwhelming because of the wealth of designs available. Perhaps you’re struggling to find the right glasses for you and you’re not sure where to start.

Sounds like you? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to find the best glasses for you.

Coach Eyewear: How to Choose Perfect Glasses for Your Style

Consider Your Face Shape

When browsing fashionable eyewear, consider your face shape because it’s important to find glasses that suit you. Those with an oval-shaped face have higher and slightly wider cheekbones that narrow towards the forehead so most styles work especially oversized and wide frames. You can choose a bold style, a funky color, or frame shape so there are endless possibilities.

You have a square face if you have a wider jaw and forehead so choose eyewear that is dark and rounded so it complements your angular features.

If you’ve got a round face, choose angular frames that are equal in length and depth to enhance your features. But avoid small, round frames otherwise they’ll be lost on your face. The best options for round-faced people are rectangle, cat-eye, and d-frame.

Those with a heart-shaped face have a wide forehead, narrow chin, and high cheekbones so they have freedom with their coach eyewear. However, avoid bottom-heavy or oversized frames because you want to draw attention to the top of your face to add balance to the width of your face. Instead, choose rounded wayfarers, rounded square, and oval frames.

People with diamond-shaped faces, the rarest type, have full cheeks and a narrow forehead or jawline. You should find a rimless, semi-rimless, cat-eye, or horn-rimmed frame to highlight your features.

Take Your Measurements

Before you choose the coach eyewear, take measurements so the frame fits. You must measure the lens width, bridge distance, and temple length so it’s comfortable sitting on your face. Either compare these with your current pair, visit the eye doctor for the right measurements or, if you’re confident, do it yourself.

To do this, stand in front of a mirror and hold a ruler in line with your temple. Then measure the distance between your temple in inches and calculate the total frame width of the glasses you want.

You do this by adding the sum of the lens’s width plus the bridge width. Note that your frame size can be an inch above or below so you choose a frame size that’s around the length of your face.

On average, small or narrow faces should choose a frame that’s less than five inches, medium-sized faces should find a frame between 5.1 and 5.4 and wider faces should choose a higher measurement.

Choose the Right Prescription Lenses

Finding the right style is always fun but you mustn’t forget the main point of glasses which is to improve your vision. Again, visit your eye doctor to figure out which lenses you need and whether you need additional features.

For instance, you can choose a special coating that filters blue light emitted from your computer or phone screens along with an anti-reflective layer that reduces the glare.

Find a Frame That Complements Your Skin

You should also consider your skin tone when deciding on a frame. Find a color that matches your skin so if you have a cool-colored skin tone then choose shades of black, gray, and blue. Got warm-colored skin? Then choose frames like tan, pink, or red as it’ll highlight your skin color.

Further, choose a frame that complements your hair color instead of focusing on your eyes. Tortoiseshell is versatile as it suits many hair tones. Note that f you have gray hair then choose a bright color like red or blue to brighten up your face and if you’re blonde, choose softer colors like white or translucent.

Redheads should choose warm browns but stay away from yellows while those with brown hair should wear burgundy or shades of brown. And those with black hair can choose bright colors or darker shades.

Consider Your Lifestyle

You must also consider your lifestyle when choosing frames. For instance, if you’re working a labor-intensive job then choose durable frames that won’t be harmed. Those who regularly exercise should choose a sturdy style and if you work with high-end clients then choose a stylish model with strong angles.

Express Your Personality

Like clothes, frames are a fantastic way to flaunt your personality. It’s important to choose a frame that reflects your style whether it’s funky shapes, bright colors, or patterns. But make sure they’re comfortable especially if you’re permanently wearing them.

Ask an Expert

Still, overwhelmed? Then ask an expert because they can give you an objective opinion about the style. Plus, if you’re unsure, they can tell you the type of face shape you have and guide you in the right direction.

Also, many people sport dated frames and have gotten stuck with one style. If this sounds like you, consult an expert as they’re aware of current trends and will find the best frames for you.

That’s How to Find the Perfect Glasses

Hopefully, this article has helped you find the perfect glasses.

It’s important to know your face shape, get the right measurements, and prescription so you can find the best pair. You must also factor in your lifestyle and personality so you find a frame that shines. Happy shopping!

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