Cartier Glasses Collections, where to purchase, and how to spot the fake

It was in 1847 that Louis-Francois Cartier purchased the workshop of Parisian master craftsman Adolphe Picard. He then created one of the most popular luxury brands.

At first, it was known for its high-end watches and jewelry; Cartier created its first glasses in 1887 — custom-designed spectacles with diamonds for a French princess. In the following nearly 96 years, Cartier’s extravagant glasses were available only by particular order to the most discerning of customers.

Cartier introduced its first range of optical glasses manufactured in mass production in 1983. They feature the same top-quality materials, exquisite details, and exquisite manufacturing that have recognized the brand.

Even today, Cartier eyeglasses are some of the most expensive available on the market and are priced around $1,000. While the choices are fewer, there are a variety of alternatives in the $500 to $900 range.

If you’re planning to purchase Cartier eyewear, avoid counterfeits and visit any of their “approved opticians” to view the entire selection. You can also purchase a few of their glasses at certain stores in person and online.

Why should you buy Cartier glasses?

Cartier is a brand that has a world-renowned reputation for classic, elegant elegance and top-quality for their optical glasses. Like their jewelry, no cost is spared, nor are shortcuts used when creating Cartier glasses.

According to their website, most of Cartier’s frames have been made from “noble materials such as wood and horn” or precious metals such as platinum, titanium, and gold, although sure of their cheaper glasses are made of acetate.

Despite being mass-produced, frames are constructed by master artisans who display the same precision and attention to detail you’ll find in the company’s famous jewelry techniques. Furthermore, they’re crafted with care to ensure every pair is perfect.

The price of Cartier eyeglasses

Cartier glasses start at around $500 and can reach as high as $6,000. Before visiting an optician an excellent idea to research online and gain a basic understanding of the types of glasses, you’d like to have and can afford. But keep in mind that there could be high additional costs based on your prescription.

Things to think about when it comes to costs include:

The frame material If you’d like the most luxurious pair of designer glasses but can’t shell out hundreds of dollars for them, the best option is to get frames made of acetate. They usually cost less, or around $1,000.

Style of frame Framed and rimmed glasses are more affordable than glasses with rims. Why? It’s more challenging to design a pair of glasses that appear “invisible.”

Frame information The more information contained inside the frames (hinge style, embellishments, etc.), the more expensive the price.

Cartier eyewear collection for men and women

Cartier glasses have refined, distinct designs that are suitable for women and men and various unisex styles. Lenses can be framed, rimmed, semi-rimless , or rimless. They come in different shapes, such as cat-eye, oval and rectangular choices. The majority of Cartier’s collections provide choices for men as well as women.

The most significant collections include:

Panthere de Cartier – These glasses feature a handmade design element on every pair. Based on the frame design, you can expect to notice the famous panther pouncing on the hinges or a stylized 3-D panther’s face around the lens’s rim.

Premiere de Cartier is available in different styles of frames (including Aviator and a modernized cat eye) The line emphasizes contemporary lines. A classic “C” embellishes the arms and come in a variety of colors such as titanium and ruthenium. These are silvery-white metal.

Louis Cartier inspired by the heritage of the brand and heritage, this collection comes with an elegant and striking hinge. The glasses are enhanced by carefully chosen gems, and can be purchased in solid gold 18-carat available in white, yellow, and pink.

Santos de Cartier glasses have the well-known Santos screw, which is an emblem for the collection. On certain models they have screws that are functional as well, while other models have numerous screws that are part of the design. Lenses are available in a range of styles, such as Aviator.

C Decoration: – A refined elegant collection. A lot of these glasses come with temples of fine wood, with an “C” emblem in gold or platinum.

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