Don’t be in the dark when it comes to choosing your shades this summer. You can find the best sunglasses online that compliments your personality and face well. It should appear that the match for your glasses and the face has been made in heaven.

Thumb Rule

As in the case of looking for the best romantic match, selecting the ideal pair of sunglasses also follows the basic thumb rule that “opposites attract,” as per eyewear experts.

We shall now try to offer you expert advice for the common shapes of the face.

Round face

You should select the frames which have angular or straight lines for playing down the fullness of the round face. The rectangular frames are fashionable and can be bought using attractive Snapdeal offers. Deep colors such as tortoiseshell and black will be able to assist in visually balancing your face.

Square face

Oval or round frames complement the square face. The aviator shape of the frame can also be a good choice. It should be ensured that the top of the frame rests high enough on the face for downplaying the jawline.

Triangular face

It is defined as a broad forehead and narrow mouth and chin. Frames having vertical lines and thin rims will be of help in balancing the bottom portion of the face. The frames should not rest too high on the face; they are likely to accentuate the forehead.

Oval face

You should consider yourself to be lucky if you come in this group as nearly all shapes will look good on your face.

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Heart-shaped face

Very wide sunglasses make the chins appear pointy in case you have a heart-shaped face. As per the sunglasses shop, the choice of narrow style will accentuate the shape of your face in the best way.

Small face

Though small faces can pull off oversized sunglasses, you should avoid thick frames.

Long face

Rectangular frames are most suitable for long faces as the width is added by them. They are also able to balance the length o the face. Sunglasses having a low bridge can assist in shortening the length of the nose.

Factor in skin tone

Face shapes cannot be the deciding factor in the selection of sunglasses. The shade color is important and depends on the complexion. Amazon has some outstanding offers on sunglasses that should be checked out.

Pale skin

The frames have a touch of colors such as amber or rose, or lightweight frames suit the fair skin. Though tortoiseshell frames can suit the light frames, the darker versions should be avoided. Color from cheeks can be drained by blue, clear, or green frames.

Dark skin

Gold, silver, or clear frames will suit Asian or golden skin. Black should be avoided from being too heavy.

Dark/African American skin

Though black frames can be risky, amber and metallic frames will suit dark complexion. Aviators and rimless sunglasses will suit the majority. Eyebrows should not be visible above the frame. The positioning of the eyes should be in the middle of the lens, both vertically and horizontally. The frame’s edge should be wider than your face for it to accentuate your face.

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