At Blufashion, our community is at the center of everything we do. We constantly tap into our member audience to see how we can best serve them in a way that is genuine and innovative. That’s why we strive to work with brands that make it their own mission to give back to their community.

DIFF Eyewear creates fashionable, accessible sunglasses while giving back – they donate a portion of sales to provide sight to those in need. Their charity, quality, and value make them unique.

DIFF prides itself on sophisticated eyewear that empowers personal expression and makes a global impact.

They love collaborating with Rachel Zoe’s brand, which also focuses on special pieces for everyone.

As DIFF expands their mission of using fashion for good, they will keep interpreting trends through high-quality products while giving back.

In our spring box, DIFF Eyewear supplied our members with stylish options for sunglasses. But what they do continuously is give the gift of sight to those in need.

Continue reading for more information on why we are so in awe of DIFF’s mission, how they have revolutionized the fashion industry, and how thrilled we are to have them participate in our spring curation.

What inspired the creation of DIFF Eyewear, and what values does the brand subscribe to?

We started DIFF in an effort to create a fair market value for designer eyewear all while focusing on giving back. The brand embodies the values of charity, inclusivity, humanitarianism, and style that doesn’t sacrifice quality.

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What makes the brand so unique?

Unlike many other retail brands, DIFF (through our partnership with the global initiative SightSavers) is able to donate a portion of every sale to help provide the gift of sight to someone in need. DIFF also regularly gives back through volunteer projects and continuously works to stay connected to our community.

What three words best describe the brand, and why?

Quality, charity, and value. DIFF believes in creating sophisticated eyewear that never feels trendy or cheap. We pride ourselves on providing the highest possible value at an accessible price point and are proud to make eyewear that encourages personal expression with a positive global impact.

What are the features of the Box of Style silhouette that make the tortoise and black sunglasses so great?

The Box of Style features our Bella frames. As one of our original bestsellers, these frames are full of details that make them must-haves. That includes the oversized lenses, hand-cut acetate frame, and custom-molded metal temples for sunglasses that make a statement.

What makes this collaboration with Rachel Zoe so special?

We love collaborating with Rachel Zoe because she represents a brand that creates special, unique pieces that are accessible to everyone. At DIFF, we pride ourselves on offering great, stylish sunglasses to everyone, and we’re excited to continue that with a true fashion icon.

What are your favorite features of the service?

We love being a part of it because we believe it leads the charge in specialty boxes, from its impeccable curation to the elevated quality of style. Box of Style makes luxury accessible to everyone and is instrumental in introducing new and exciting brands to the Rachel Zoe audience.

What is next for DIFF?

DIFF is excited to keep expanding our reach and building out our mission to use fashion as a force for good. We will continue to interpret trends through our distinctive, high-quality product while doing what we can to make a difference in the world around us.

At its core, DIFF Eyewear is driven by the vision of using fashion as a force for good in the world. By creating stylish, quality products and donating proceeds to provide sight to those in need, DIFF is redefining what it means to be a socially-conscious brand.

Their dedication to accessible luxury and global aid efforts makes collaborations with like-minded partners like Rachel Zoe a natural fit.

As DIFF continues to interpret trends through their unique lens and expand their charitable reach, they are empowering personal expression and improving lives through their innovative approach to the fashion industry.

With sophisticated style and human-centered values, DIFF Eyewear represents the best of fashion’s potential to drive positive change.

Step into the world of fashion with a purpose at DIFF Eyewear. Experience their exclusive range of stylish eyewear that goes beyond just looking good.

For every pair you buy, they help provide eye care to those in need. Join their mission, and see the change you can make. Visit their official website today and be a part of the difference.

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