20 Annoying Things Only Girls Who Wear Glasses Will Understand

Glasses are great, but they aren’t perfect. Here are 20 annoying glasses facts anyone who wears them will understand.

I love my glasses. I own contact lenses, but I almost never wear them. (I’ve never actually filled a contact lens prescription because the handful of free samples the optometrist gives out at one’s appointment usually last me several years.) That said, there are some really, really annoying aspects to wearing glasses.

If you wear glasses, you’ll probably know what I’m talking about.

  1. Getting mascara all over the inside of your lenses.
  2. Not being able to buy and wear cute $5 sunglasses, because you can’t see in them.
  3. You can only kind of see what you’re doing when you apply eye makeup.
  4. How your prescription makes your eyes look bigger or smaller. (Or makes one eye look way bigger than the other.) 
  5. When you come in from the cold.
  6. When you boil water.
  7. When you open the oven door.
  8. Where do they go when you shower at the gym?
  9. When you’re getting your hair cut and the stylist makes you take your glasses off and you have to sit there and can’t read magazines or anything for the next few hours.
  10. Not knowing what the hairstylist is doing to your head.
  11. When the stylist says, “What do you think about this?” and you’re all, “I have no idea what it looks like.”
  12. All your clothes have to look good with your glasses.
  13. How fucking expensive glasses can be.
  14. People don’t really think you’re smarter because you’re wearing glasses. They just think you’re a lovable goofball. 
  15. When you go to a 3-D movie.
  16. If you have a cat or a baby, this happens all the time.
  17. You’re pretty sure this is your kid’s future.
  18. You never understand when movie characters take off their glasses to get more serious about something. 
  19. People wearing fake glasses. 
  20. That people wearing fake glasses look cooler than you do. How are they doing that? It doesn’t make sense! 
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