5 Non-Boring Ways To Style White Sunglasses

When you’re on a road-trip with your friends, blasting music and enjoying the fresh air, the last thing you need is the bright sunshine piercing your eyes. Purchasing a pair of quality sunglasses can mean the difference between seeing the joy on your friends’ faces and dodging floating spots that no one else can see.

According to The Vision Council, approximately 218 million Americans wear non-prescription sunglasses, 51.7% of whom own more than one pair. This isn’t surprising considering the vast number of designs, colors, and shapes available. While many opt for the most vibrant colored or patterned frames to add oomph to their outfit, there are many perks to wearing simple, white frames.

Below are five fun ways you can style white sunglasses that may tempt you to go out and grab a pair:

1. Find the right shape to compliment your features

One of the most important styling tips for sunglasses is to find the right frames to accentuate your features. You may see large, perfectly round frames that appeal to your inner Daria; however, the round style may not suit your overall look.

The first step is to determine what shape compliments your face. You might consider one of the following styles:

  • Round/circular
  • Thick
  • Aviator
  • Teardrop
  • Square
  • Thin
  • Cat-eye
  • Wrap.
Ways To Style White Sunglasses

2. Draw inspiration from the classics

Some people may see white sunglasses on the shelf and think “how boring,” but this is far from true. As Leonardo da Vinci put it, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Simple colors and accessories have been associated with elegance and class for centuries. For instance, to embrace that “timeless” look you’ve been after, you could draw inspiration from your favorite classic movie stars.

Audrey Hepburn, for example, is known not only as a talented actress and humanitarian but also as a fashion icon. Her minimalist styling never failed to draw attention and appreciation. The way she rocked those distinctive Oliver Goldsmith white shades in the 1966 film How to Steal a Million certainly made an impression.

You could, for example, compliment your white sunglasses by Goodr with a stunning little black Breakfast at Tiffany’s-style dress—the perfect way to show the world your taste for the finer things in life.

3. Embrace a minimalist look

Minimalism refers to a lack of over-the-top extravagance or decoration. According to a 2015 paper released by The Swedish School of Textiles, the shift towards minimalist chic fashion has become increasingly prevalent. There are several reasons for this progression, from personal aesthetics to avoiding mismatched chaos. One of the most interesting reasons, however, is the emotional/psychological response you get from doing so.

Obviously, some people feel more confident in brightly colored accessories and clothing, and they enjoy putting a lot of thought into their outfits. Research has revealed, however, that many feel freer, more at ease, and comfortable when avoiding some of the superficiality that can come with fashion-choices. Instead, simply sticking to the basics, and drawing back the curtains to reveal a more minimalist, “goes-with-everything” aesthetic may aid you in feeling more at home with yourself. Ultimately, that could prove beneficial to your psyche.

4. Use them as a statement piece

If you’re known as the “vampire” of the group, the one who adores drowning themselves in darker clothing, using white sunglasses as a statement piece could prove your friends wrong while also jazzing up an otherwise monochromatic pallet.

5. Consider the seasons

White sunglasses, as mentioned above, can go with just about anything. However, you may need to consider the seasons. During the winter months, for example, you could choose to embrace a snowy aesthetic and turn yourself into a modern-day ice queen. If, however, lighter tones tend to wash you out, you might choose to avoid wearing too much white, especially if your surroundings are also of the over-exposed nature (i.e., the snow).

Summer, autumn, and spring, on the other hand, are usually the months where people have a hall-pass to wear lighter, brighter colors, and bolder patterns (florals in particular). If this is true for you, a pair of simple white sunglasses may be the perfect accent to avoid over-stimulation from excessive amounts of color.

Final thoughts 

There are many advantages to wearing white sunglasses, and many ways to do so. You could embrace your love for classic Hollywood films and steal a few ideas from their costuming choices. You could hop on the minimalist chic bandwagon, or use them as a statement piece in an otherwise chaotic, exciting outfit. No matter what, you won’t be boring.

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