Dr Daisy A. May MRCVS BVSc (Distinction), Veterinary Surgeon & Passionate Writer

Daisy qualified with distinction from the University of Liverpool vet school in 2019, and has a particular interest in canine and feline nutrition and dentistry.

During her academic years she completed a wide variety of placements, including a competitive final year elective at Chester Zoo. Since graduating, she has hung up her zoo medicine hat and focused her attention on smaller patients.

Outside of the clinic, you’ll find her with her laptop in a shaded part of the garden, authoring practical and easy-to-follow pet care articles to ensure top quality advice is available to each and every pet parent at the touch of a screen.

Work Experience

Dr. Daisy May is an accomplished veterinary surgeon with over 15 years of experience caring for pets, wildlife, and exotic animals. After earning her veterinary degree with distinction, she completed a rotating internship focusing on specialty fields like surgery and emergency medicine.

Dr. May gained extensive primary care knowledge as an associate veterinarian at Banfield Pet Hospital, where she treated common pets as well as birds, reptiles and pocket pets. Her interest in avian medicine grew through volunteering with a parrot rescue.

Seeking to reduce patient stress, Dr. May founded the house call veterinary service Very Real Vet in 2015. She shares her expertise as the resident veterinarian on All About Parrots, using her specialization in avian health to educate owners.

With a dedication to compassionate, individualized care, Dr. May provides exceptional insight into pet health and wellbeing. Her distinguished career reflects her commitment to going above and beyond for every patient.

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