I have been working from home basically my whole life, be it in Cape Town or in Malta, where I lived for four years. It took a while to get it to work smoothly, but now I couldn’t imagine my life being any different.

5 Tips For Working From Home

Skip the 9-5.

Mostly if you work from home, you are doing something creative, and I just can’t seem to put myself in a little box when it comes to being inspired. It could hit me early in the morning as I get out of bed or late at night while reading a book. Telling myself, I have to work from 9-5 seems to put a damper on my creativity, so I choose to work whenever it suits me. I still get in all the time, and I seem to do even more. If you force it, you will most probably end up sitting on Facebook or procrastinating.

This technique might not work for everyone, but I love freedom, and I feel that I am way more productive that way.

Go outside.

Go for a coffee or take a lunch break somewhere, and you will feel less lonely. I am lucky that Michael and I work together, so it never feels super lonely, but you still need to go out and see people. We sometimes head to the beach for a couple of hours during the day in Summer, and it really makes a difference. Juggling your time will definitely be difficult at first, and working hard is a must, but once you get used to it, things will run smoothly.

Don’t let yourself go.

Its the easiest thing in the world to stay in your pj’s all day when you work from home, and yes, sometimes I also do it, or like now, I sit in my nightgown because it’s early and cold. Don’t make it the norm, though. I usually drink a cup of coffee and check emails early in the morning while still either in bed or in my pj’s then at about 9 I get ready for the day even when I know I might just be sitting in front of my Mac all day! You definitely feel more productive when you look good, and you never know when someone might come over!

Stay healthy.

Snacking is still a big problem for me even after all these years. It’s so easy to want to snack all day long when its right there but you need to stay away from the fridge, trust me! Buy loads of healthy snacks, and you will be less likely to eat two bowls of sugary cereal in the morning just because you can. I also keep a liter bottle of water next to me at all times. It’s so easy to forget to stay hydrated when you are just sitting at home, but not drinking water will make you lethargic, and you will really feel like taking an afternoon nap.

Make lists.

I love making actual lists on notebooks, but these days you can plan your day on apps or online whatever suits you. I usually make my list in the morning, and it will include everything from meetings and blog posts to doing the washing. So many times, I have gotten stuck on doing one thing, and at the end of the day, there are so many things that I didn’t get to. Time management is a big thing when working from home as well as prioritizing what is important and what can wait.

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