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Top Reasons to Buy Phoenix Chairs for Weddings

Top Reasons to Buy Phoenix Chairs for Weddings

Phoenix chair for wedding presents a modern, clean, elegance, and sophistication. Phoenix chair simply defines an effortless style.

Phoenix chair for wedding looks stunning without need for chair covers or accessories.

Phoenix chairs are the ideal design for limitless creativity. If you’re a bride with an insatiable desire to decorate, these wedding chairs provide a perfect canvas. Add colorful sashes of satin or organza, loop it around vertically or horizontally, double the sashes for contrasting colors, use different color accents either with flowers or even jewelry, indeed the skies the limit. There are no rules, and you are the artist of your own event.

Phoenix chair for wedding and events are available in a variety of attractive colors and materials to compliment your theme. They are available in an assortment of dream wedding colors such as white, washed white, limestone color, wood color, and natural.

Most places have some variation of the white – a traditional and widely popular choice. Wood color chairs have recently grown to be a very appealing color for weddings, especially with outdoor events – washed white looks brilliant in natural light. Limestone color Phoenix chairs are also increasing in demand. A real Phoenix has a timeless and classic quality that is sure to impress your guests. White Phoenix chairs – what bride doesn’t dream of a white wedding?

Limestone color and black chairs are harder to find; unfortunately, not many companies carry them. Black can work magnificently in both formal and informal event settings – very classy for weddings or honor ceremonies.

An additional way to compliment your theme is to simply change the color of the cushions and change the feel. It’s amazing how a subtle change can have such dramatic effects. Cushions can come in a variation of colors – from your basic white, ivory, black, and burgundy to more experimental hues of navy, apple green, and rosy pink.

Phoenix chairs for events are incredibly lightweight and reliable.

A wood Phoenix chair weighs approximately 11 pounds. The lightweight makes these chairs easy to transport and setup. They are easily stackable and can be efficiently stored. For being so light, they are remarkably durable. However, not all chairs are of equal durability or strength, and very few are actually a commercial duty. Being a wholesaler and manufacturer, Blossomfurnishings.com carries only commercial-grade Phoenix chairs.

Have you ever gone to a wedding reception, where everything looks magnificent in the beginning and from afar, but then after everyone’s had a little too much to drink and the dancing starts, your room that you’ve worked so hard to plan for, starts falling apart literally? The entire setup looks in complete disarray. Sashes begin to slide off and end on the ground, and inevitably guests start to step on them. Phoenix chairs preserve your setup from beginning to end immaculately and eliminates chaos.

When your guests walk into a room filled with Phoenix chairs, it is a refreshing and dynamic utilization of space. Since these chairs entail a non-enclosure design, your table cloth and décor can be highlighted with a refine balance that you and your guest can appreciate. Regular banquet chairs can cover the table setup, and linens can sometime suffocate space and make the structure look cluttered, Phoenix chairs open the entire room up.

Phoenix chairs can be affordable. Yes, it is true. Do some research and chances are you can find a good company to work with. The price point is NOT everything, however. Some places may offer it for lower, but lack in the quality or maintenance of chairs, reliability, and experience. Case in point: Not all Phoenix chairs are equal, and not all companies are equal!

There is something to be said about seeing rows of Phoenix chairs on a beautiful, freshly cut lawn at a ceremony or a banquet hall filled with a sea of chairs. It looks absolutely stunning and grand. It takes your breath away.

Most Popular Phoenix Chair For Weddings and Events

As the currently popular event chair style, phoenix chairs have a wide range of demands. Many weddings and hotels want to use new chairs to attract customers. The Phoenix chair attracts many people to like because of its unique shape. The current Phoenix chairs mainly have the following styles:

1. Classic Phoenix Chair, also known as the single fish chair.

This one is the most popular and is made of wood. Among them, white-washed color; limestone color is the most used on more than 45% of the occupancy. The wood color is also an extremely popular demand. This chair should be called the original version of the Phoenix chair.

Phoenix Chairs for Weddings

2. Wooden Pisces Phoenix Chair

Based on the wooden single fish phoenix chair, in order to increase the choice of patterns on the upper part of the chair, some manufacturers combined the Chanel logo to create a double fish style. The tops are like two fishtails intertwined.

Wooden Pisces Phoenix Chair

3. Resin Phoenix Acrylic Chair Wholesale

Using grinding tools, one-time molding, or manufacturing various accessories by grinding tools, and manually assembled, this Phoenix chair greatly improves production and efficiency. It increased the diversity of colors, different factories also use the back Patterns, some of which use flat plates, and some will have grooves in the cross pattern.

Resin Phoenix Acrylic Chair Wholesale

 4. Resin Pisces Chair

Similar to the wooden Pisces chair, except for materials use, the resin Pisces chair has the same external shape, but the resin material increases the selectivity of the material. You can use Pc or PP materials. For the choice of speed and color, the resin should have more choices than wood.

Resin Pisces Chair

5. Wooden single fish bar chairs

In many bars, where bar chairs are of high demand. In order to effectively match the standard size Phoenix chairs, bar chairs will have a seat plate height of about 76 cm. which is also required for occasions. It has the appearance of Phoenix chairs. This where the bar chair started its debut in the production.

Wooden single fish bar chairs

6. Wooden Pisces Bar Chair

With the shape of the wooden Pisces, we moved this shape to the bar chair, and the Pisces Bar Chair was also born. These chairs of the same style form a detailed product series, which is convenient for designers to maintain the same style during design activities.

Wooden Pisces Bar Chair
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