Looking for a new hobby to embark on this summer break? Combine your love of fashion with your love of technology by starting your own fashion blog. Chances are you’ve seen one of the internet’s many personal style fashion blogs, where everyday girls show off their daily looks. There’s also a good chance starting one of your own has crossed your mind before. Why wait? Fashion blogs are a great way to make new friends online and score some seriously cool rewards at the same time. Here is a quick and easy guide to getting started:

How to Start A Fashion Blog

Pick A Name

What’s in a name? Everything! The name of your blog is the very first impression and can make or break whether someone decides to even visit your site or not.

Choose a name that’s short, snappy, witty, and easy to remember. It should invoke the type of feeling and ideas that you want your blog to represent.

Once you’ve decided on a name, it’s a good idea to register your own domain name if you can. Having a .com or .net makes it clear you mean business, and also makes it easier for people to remember and access your website URL. Usually, you can register a domain name for $10 or less per year at a website like 1and1.com or NameCheap.com.

Pick Your Blogging Platform

Right now, Tumblr is all the rage; it’s extremely user-friendly and straight forward, and there are tons of fashion lovers your age already using it. Another option is Wordpress, which is much more powerful, and extremely customizable, but more technical at the same time. Blogspot is another popular free choice.

Set Up A Posting Schedule

For most bloggers, the most difficult part of running a blog is keeping it updated. With a busy schedule and social life, it can sometimes be difficult to take time out of the day to sit at the computer and write out your thoughts.

The most successful fashion bloggers are disciplined enough to create a routine for creating blog posts, and sticking to it. Choose a day each week that you will take photos for your blog, and another day that you will create posts for your blog. You can take photos of multiple outfits in one day, and you can also create multiple posts in one sitting; just post-date each blog so that they publish to your website at different times and on different days. Aim for three posts a week at first; Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and adjust that as time goes on according to your schedule.

Take Great Photography

If you’re planning on launching a personal style blog, great photography is key. Borrowing or investing in the best quality camera you can find. Fashion bloggers love their SLR’s, but at $500 they’re not cheap. Even if you only have a cellphone camera, make the best of it! Another option is to find a local fashion photographer or photography student who is interested in collaborating on a shoot with you. It’s a tradeoff; you get photos for free, and they get to use the images in their portfolio.

Fashion Blog

Keep in mind that your fashion blog isn’t just about what’s in your closet; it’s about you, your life, and all your adventures. Take photos of everything — storefronts, vacation scenes, architecture, artwork, even the food you’re eating. Your readers want to see how exciting your life is, and want to know what you love.

Promote Yourself

The best way to gain a following for your blog is by promoting yourself through personal style communities and forums. Sites like Weardrobe.com, Lookbook.nu, BlogLovin.com, and Chictopia.com are great websites to share your looks and drive traffic back to your blog. Pinterest.com is also wildly popular these and is another great source of traffic for fashion bloggers and creatives alike. Simply pin your looks to your Pinterest page and link it back to your blog post.

The Wearable Art Blog

The Wearable Art Blog is handmade jewelry and fashion that features some of the most talented designers from around the globe. There you will find updates from some of your favorite craft bloggers and meet new fellow DIY fashionistas in the process.

Wearable art is handmade jewelry or clothing that connects many different techniques and styles that open new ways to art to wear, jewelry, and design.

What is a Fashion Blog?

fashion blogs


A blog is a frequently updated diary or website in a dated entry format. Blogging began as a form of “online journaling ” but is now often used for magazine, business, or entertainment news.

When it comes to fashion blogs, there are three common types: star style, trend watching, and shopping scoop. You can also find clever combinations, like fashion and food, trend hookups and home decorating, or Hollywood gossip and celebrity style.


Because anyone can create a blog, these fashion “critics” range from grad students to lawyers to preschool teachers, all with a common love of style. The wide range of writers bring an equally wide range of opinions to the table. Readers vary from blog to blog, but like-minded, clothing-consumed individuals make up the majority of fashion blogs’ readership.


Each and every blogger has one common goal: for their voice to be heard. Beyond that, many fashion aficionados are looking to break into the business, whether as a writer, designer, or stylist. Often blogging leads to opportunities and connections.

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