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Today, people are spending much more time online than at any time in human history. Literally, the whole life happens online – learning, ordering food, exercising, chatting with friends and colleagues. But there is one very important area, that cannot be but mentioned, – this is shopping. We do not even think about buying something on the web or making orders via Instagram DMs. Therefore, those companies that want to access a multimillion-dollar solvent audience should definitely start a business blog.

The nuances of promotion in social media

We have collected the main tools for promoting pages on Instagram and Facebook, which will make your business account more informative and attractive to the audience:

  1. Don’t ignore hashtags. They help organize information. Properly chosen tags allow users to find your account and follow it. To collect relevant ones, use the Inflact random hashtag generator.
  2. Post not only images but also videos. Keep in mind the 60-second limit and try to show the value of the company’s service or product during that time. Or make a video of up to 15 minutes and upload it to IGTV. Don’t forget to match your keywords with the Instagram tag maker.
  3. If you’re a local business, be sure to use geotagging to find and reach users from your area.
  4. Conduct a dialogue with customers, answer their questions openly and honestly. Increase involvement by conducting polls and promotions on the page.
  5. For express offers, use Stories. Don’t waste too much time on impressive designs. This kind of content lives only 24 hours. Let it be a live communication of your brand with subscribers.

Go according to plan. Make a chart with the dates of publication and the type of content published and a stock of photos and videos to post in your account. Generate hashtags ahead of time with Inflact. This way you won’t have to think about what to write about every day. Be sure to track the reaction of users – for example, the number of likes, reposts, comments.

Business promotion on Instagram has long been no longer a luxury, but a necessity, especially for such areas of activity as organizing holidays and outdoor events, catering services, food delivery from cafés, restaurants, selling cosmetics, accessories and luxury goods, tourism and travel, goods for houses, interior items. According to CNN, online business is experiencing an unprecedented rise since the start of the pandemic. And this trend seems to continue for a long time.

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Ways to promote on Instagram

Today, you can create a business without even leaving your home. Here, for example, is a recent Forbes article on the subject. But the real art is to make it profitable.

You can use paid targeted advertising on Instagram or Facebook. This method is available to all business account holders. You can view statistics on impressions and reach of posts, as well as all information about your subscribers. In the settings, you can select the audience to which your account’s ads will be shown, specifying the desired age, gender, city and country, and the interests of subscribers. 

Another good way to promote your business on a social network is to order advertising from famous bloggers. Users trust the bloggers they follow, and such ads look unobtrusive and organic.

The best way to promote advertising is to contact professionals from an advertising agency. Self-configuring advertising without skills often leads to the fact that the entire budget is wasted, and such advertising does not bring proper results. Specialists have extensive experience in setting up advertising, as well as promotion in social networks in general.


Business promotion on social media will not completely substitute promotion through other channels, but it will be an effective addition to it. Online platforms can become a launchpad for a business, a tool for promoting an online store and increasing traffic, a podium for communicating with customers, as well as a way to increase brand loyalty and awareness.

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