How do you offer corporate gifts?

Employees are the most valuable assets in a company. Every organization has its own strategies to show appreciation to its workforce and there is a good reason why they do so. According to a Glassdoor survey, four out of five employees, or 81%, are motivated when they feel valued. Moreover, their productivity will most likely increase, and tend to be more loyal to the company.

Aside from showing gratitude, some companies use corporate gifts to reward employees who have done exceptional work, boost employees’ motivation, strengthen the employer-employee relationship, and encourage teamwork. Sometimes companies also gift employees on their birthdays, anniversaries, or on important holidays.

Corporate gifts can range from a quality pen, electronics, to gift vouchers and hampers. If you decide to include apparel, you can get a little creative and have them personalized to suit the recipient’s taste. There are plenty of options you can customize, like the multitude of ideas you’ll find at MeowPrint corporate gifts. This will warm their hearts even more.

Now, how do you choose corporate gifts your employees will truly love? Below are some tips:

1. Personalize The Gifts

Common gifts that are distributed randomly rarely hold much value to the recipients. Personalized gifts, on the other hand, reflect positively on the receiver and give the impression that some effort and thought were put into the process. A personalized gift from oldsouthernbrass will make the receiver feel special and therefore hold special memories for a long time.

Any gift can be personalized by either attaching a business thank you card, a simple note, or even having the name of the recipient engraved on the gift item. You can also include a personal appreciation message recognizing their contributions to the company. Doing so will make a huge difference and uplift their spirits. For personalized corporate gifts, check with companies like, which offer custom services at affordable prices with fast lead times.

2. Get Practical, Long-Lasting Gifts

Most people think of the present when they choose corporate gifts, rather than in the time afterwards. A present that elicits joy from the receiver upon receipt may not have the same effect a few days later. Some presents are discarded because the recipients do not find them useful, thus are quickly forgotten.

Employees derive value from practical and long-lasting gifts because they still see and can use them long after the item has been received. Every time they look at the gift, it reminds them why it was given to them and over time it starts to hold sentimental value.

When you think of corporate gifts, get good quality, practical gifts that’ll actually be used such as wristwatches, wall clocks, and simple jewelry. If your budget allows, you can also get high-quality items like travel bags, leather-made products, and Bluetooth speakers, to mention a few.

3. Be Consistent With The Gifts

When buying gifts for employees, ensure that the nature and value of the gifts are consistent.  It’s always safe to buy the same gifts for all employees irrespective of their role.

A gift can be disregarded if employees place a lower value on their gifts compared to what others have been given. They may equate their value at work to the kind of gift they’re given and may not appreciate the gift. Your good intentions to bring good cheer can quickly be turned into issues of envy or favoritism which can result in workplace tension.

4. Don’t Go Overboard

Giving corporate gifts that are too extravagant can communicate the wrong message no matter the recipient. Extravagant gifts can feel like bribes, create an awkward situation, and the recipient can even feel indebted to you. To avoid such situations, give small and practical gifts which will be accepted without feeling like there’re ‘strings attached.’

5. Think About Your Employees’ Families

Your employees will appreciate even more gifts that they can share with their families. When buying gifts, rather than concentrating on an individual (the employee), think of gifts that can be utilized by their families. They can be home appliances or electronics. This way your employees will feel a closer connection to the company when they feel that you care about their families too.

Give Surprise Gifts

6. Give Surprise Gifts 

Companies usually set aside certain times of the year like end-of-year meetings or when celebrating company milestones to give employees gifts. Such events become fairly predictable, and are treated as ‘the usual company rituals.’ But did you know that your employees will like it when you surprise them with gifts when they least expect? If you’re planning to give this kind of present to your employees, Swag Bar has stylish packaging designs that would definitely seal the deal.

Such gifts will be appreciated because they’ll show that you’re always thinking about them. It’ll also boost their morale and even increase productivity.


Gifting your employees can lift up their spirits and even forge close work relationships. However, just make sure that is done right.  Well-thought of corporate gifts should not make the recipients and their colleagues uncomfortable. It should be workplace-appropriate and will not encourage unhealthy competition.

Thus, if you plan of giving out one for your team, be smart and think about it carefully.


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