5 Ways To Be A Better Blogger

The subject I get asked about most by my readers is how to be a better blogger ( I also did a whole video about starting a blog on my youtube ), and it’s something I still have trouble with on a daily basis. I do, however, know a few things after about 6 years of blogging that some of you won’t know, so I thought I would share because, in the end, sharing is caring, right?

Be passionate about your blog:

Some people start blogs for all the wrong reasons, but to have a really good blog, you need to be passionate about it and what you actually blog about. I do find it difficult sometimes as I am passionate about a lot of things, but that’s not always a bad thing. It just seems to take up more time! If you don’t like taking photos or writing or being on a whole lot of social platforms, then obviously blogging is not for you. In order to have a good blog, it must be something you enjoy doing, especially everything that comes along with it.

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Be consistent:

I am pretty sure this is something you have heard before and its because it really is true. People want something to look forward to, but they mostly want to know when that will be. You don’t always have to blog on a specific day ( although that does help as you see it with a lot of big YouTubers and their videos ), but if you blog 3 times a week or everyday stick with some kind of schedule. It’s very difficult for people to connect with your blog if you maybe post 3 posts in one day and then nothing for a month.

Put yourself out there:

Something that takes a lot of time is to connect with fellow bloggers, readers, as well as brands. Comment on blogs you love reading, start a conversation with a brand on Instagram or share content on your Facebook page. Not only will they appreciate it, but it will make you more visible as well. As long as it’s done with sincerity, you can’t go wrong!

Check your stats:

If you don’t check your stats, then you might as well stop blogging. You need to know what your audience is responding to and when so that you can create better content as well as putting things out when people will actually see them. Google Analytics is easy to use and accurate, and as soon as you get into it, you might learn a lot about your readers.

how to be a better blogger

Have a clean, easy blog:

There is nothing worse than a blog where you don’t know what’s going on, or there are a million things you need to click before getting to a post. It’s frustrating for readers, and they might just leave your blog instead of hanging around even if your content is amazing. I always find that clean, simple blogs with gorgeous images hold my attention for way longer and makes me want to almost go through the whole blog!

All in all, have fun but work hard and everything else will come naturally, as soon as you start blogging for other reasons like getting free things and going to events it becomes very apparent, and your blog lives typically won’t be long!

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