Fashion Blogs We Should All Be Reading

Escape your fashion blog rut with these 13 fashion blogs recommended by our readers.

It’s easy to get caught in a rut reading the same two or three fashion blogs every day, but there is hope! We put out a call to the lovely and highly educated readers of Blufashion to see what fashion blogs they liked, and you guys did not disappoint. Here are the fashion blogs we should be reading.

1. The August Diaries

As much as I love arty and boho, there’s something to be said for classic elegance. 

2. Street Scout

Sabrina Fenster’s blog has a bit of everything for those who like their blogging eclectic.

3. Xander Vintage

This outfit is so great it is not even being upstaged by her hair, and her hair is the coolest hair.

4. Tobruck Ave

I have an affinity for style bloggers with a bohemian edge. If you do too, you will probably like this. 

5. Keiko Lynn

How fabulous are those glasses?

6. Delightfully Tacky

Who loves curls? Everybody loves curls!

7. Fancy Fine

I was going to ask how she has her life looking this pretty; then I saw that she was a web stylist for Anthropologie who owns a vintage store. Ahhh. That explains it! I need her to either decorate my house or move out of hers and let me have it.

8. Hello It’s Valentine

Where would the world be without beautiful French women to envy?

9. Miss Pandora

If you happen to need some inspiration for things to put on your head.

10. The Cherry Blossom Girl

I used to follow The Cherry Blossom Girl religiously back in 2008 or so, but then I sort of lost touch. I’m glad for the reminder because she’s still at it and posting gorgeous, tasteful French things. Also, she got married (and you need to see the wedding), and now she has a new baby, and it is really cute and wearing the most wonderful little baby clothes.

11. Advanced Style

Every one of us needs to be following Advanced Style so we can make sure to be fabulous older ladies someday.

12. Hi-Style

MKS and her friends started this blog a year ago to keep in touch with long-distance friends.

13. Cake and Lilies

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