Advantages of Using Mail Forwarding Service in the USA

Moving, even if it is only temporary (because of school or work), brings with it many burdens and commitments. Apart from planning how to move most efficiently and quickly, you need to think about many other things. These are paying all bills, shutting or changing services like cable or the Internet, notifying everyone you’re going, etc.

Among these obligations, changing the shipping address should be one of the priorities. It would help if you did that in all relevant institutions, so as not to miss an important mail. Still, even if you do this, the chances are that someone still doesn’t know your new address. So some invitations, bills, or packages can come to your old address without you even knowing it.

Sending mass moving announcement is not very convenient, especially if you use your residential address for business. You have to change this information in a future period, but you certainly can’t do that if you’re too busy with moving or running a job. In such situations, the mail forwarding service comes in handy.

Ensuring Full Delivery Service

When you’re in a hurry to relocate, checking the letterbox is probably not the first thing on your mind. If you are overburdened with obligations, you may overlook an important package or letter. That can cause trouble, as you may forget to respond to someone or pay a bill. Rely on postal service or a private postal forwarder, so that any mail you’re receiving (both physical and online), will be safely delivered to you.

In case of moving, you’ll give both new and an old address to the forwarding service provider. If you don’t switch an address, but want it to stay private, just apply for a mail forwarding service. These providers will inform and send you any letter or package arrived at your old address or PMB.

Most providers also provide a monitoring service for a specific shipment. That way, you can have ‘extra care’ for important letters and packages you expect. This service comes in handy if you run a business and expect some important mails, but you don’t really have time to check for it.

For example, a common problem with courier services is that they try delivery only once. If no one receives the package, they return it to the sender. Then you can count on double shipping fees, custom costs, and many difficulties around getting the package again (especially if it’s from abroad). With forwarding services, you can have peace of mind, as what you ordered will get to you.

Increased Shipment and Letter Security

Although nowadays the sending of reports and documents has been digitized, most institutions still trust the papers. It means that you can always choose to get bank statements, documents, bills, or other reports via physical postal service rather than email.

Like any way of sending and receiving mails, there is a chance that it will be lost. If the postal service is inefficient or careless, your documents or personal data will fall into the wrong hands. To avoid this risk and prevent any problems, opt for forwarding service. That will be cheaper and less hassle than fixing damage due to lost or stolen mail and personal data.

By having a private mailbox at forwarding provider (see here what that is), you can have peace of mind as all your mail will be safe. You can even temporarily stop receiving letters and shipments. They will ‘collect’ at the address that was temporarily assigned to you when you started using the mail forwarding service. Rest assured that nothing will be lost.

No Spam

Increased Shipment and Letter Security

Online inboxes are often set up to filter and separate spam. With the physical mails, this is not the case. You can often find advertising material, brochures, and pamphlets in your letterbox. If you use forwarding service, you have the ability to ‘filter’ physical mail, and decide what you want it to arrive at your address.

As part of extra services, forwarding companies scan your letters and packages, to know what is inside without opening. Of course, they will do that only if you ask for it. They can also shred, recycle, or even archive your post in digital or physical storage.

Fast Check

If you move, start a business, or do anything that takes a lot of your time, you will certainly not be able to check your post often. That can be tricky, especially if you are expecting expensive packages or important letters. If you missed the chance to receive a letter or package, you run the risk of not knowing where it is. You’ll probably have a long way looking for it.

A right decision is to leave receiving mail to forwarding providers. Following your guidelines, they will select, scan, archive, and even transfer your mails to electronic form and send it to your inbox. If you are interested in whether something has arrived in your PMB, all you have to do is call or send an inquiry.

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Some providers have apps that will notify you when your letters or packages arrive. You can also manage the schedule of receiving them this way. If you are not used software, you can send your requests via the form provided on the provider’s website. Your data is safe as everything is encrypted. You identify yourself with the card number with which you pay for the desired forwarding mail services.

In addition to relocating, you may need mail forwarding services if you work from home or own a business. Having a PO or PMB will seem more professional, and you won’t have to share your private data with clients, customers, or business partners. Also, if you travel for a long time, mail forwarding services allow all letters and packages to wait for you in a safe place, not in front of the door or the mailbox.


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