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How to Do a Trendy Messy Ponytail with Curls

A messy ponytail is a popular trending look and can be done with curly hair. This is a fantastic summer look and very simple to do! Watch now and learn how to make a messy ponytail with curly hair.

How to achieve a messy pony is one of the top trending looks especially in the summer. At Dream Dry, it’s probably one of our most requested looks. What I did with Missy was start her with a really good foundation. I gave her a nice smooth blowout, and I also added some Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. This dry texturizing spray is what gave her that really nice beachy looking curl. The next step in achieving the messy pony is that you want to make sure this is not too perfect and too sleek. You want it to look natural, and like you’re going to the beach. So you’re going to go ahead and take a section right on her crown, and we’re going to do a little bit of backcombing. You can either do this with a comb, preferably some sort of natural bristled brush. We love to use our Boar Bristle Denman, as well some of our round brushes. Along these brushes are many different purposes, not just for round brushing.

So I’ll start towards this back section of her crown, starting towards the bottom, and slowly raking the brush in her hair to build a little bit of a foundation. Then I’ll take my next subsection, over directing the hair forward, and we’re going do a little backcombing and dropping the hair back. I’m going to split this two more times. Be careful not to break your client’s hair. Some people get a little crazy with backcombing. It’s always better to go a little bigger with your backcombing because you can always brush through it with your fingers rather than not have enough, and then you have to take your ponytail down and start all over again because they want a little more height. So this front section, you don’t want to backcomb too much. You want most of this to stay pretty smooth so that when you pull in a ponytail, you have the height you need, but you don’t see any of your teasings or backcombing as we call it. So I’ll just do this front section really lightly.

Now once we have some of that height built it, I’ll go ahead and inspect my perimeter, pull all of her hair towards the back and I’m actually going to leave a little section towards the back of her hair out. This is going to be wrapped around the ponytail holders that you don’t see it. Once you have figured out the wanted height of her ponytail, gather all the hair in your hands. You can leave out some of these baby hairs around her ears. At Dream Dry, we love to use these bungees. These are very incredible for our thick-haired clients. What you do is hook it and keep wrapping. This gets pretty tight. That holds the hair pretty tightly as well. So you can look from the side. If your client wants a little more height, you can either take a rat tail comb, or you can take your fingers and pull some of this hair out. Some people like to have their hairlines kind of messed up a little bit. It’s not called a messy pony for nothing.

Once we figure it out this is how she likes it; I’ll go ahead and take this section that I left out in the back. I will wrap it around my ponytail holder. And some of my favorite pins to use are actually these little straight pins. They’re not quite as tight as bobby pins. Go ahead and put these all along the edge of the ponytail. You can use as many or even as little as you like. Just make sure that this hair that’s wrapped around her ponytail stays hidden and stays wrapped around. And, finally, the most important part of her ponytail is the actual ponytail. You’ll see that I took some Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. And if she thinks it’s not messy enough, you can go back through with your brush and give it a bit more texture, or you can ask your client to put their head back. We can take some of your dry texturizing sprays and spray it from underneath. Ask them to tilt their head forward. And this is how to achieve a messy pony.

HOST: Jenn Bradford (Senior Stylist)
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How to Do a Fishtail Braid Ponytail – Women’s Hairstyles Videos

Want to do a braided fishtail ponytail? We’ll make it easy for you. Watch this video to learn!

We will start off today by doing a braided fishtail ponytail. What I like to do is start brushing the hair with some tension. You want to get the ponytail as slick as possible. Blake Lively has made this really popular especially on red carpets. So what you will do is get a nice brush that has a lot of bristles which means it will give you some tension, but it will also brush all of your hair back pretty tightly.

Once you have your hair in the position to where you want to pull it into a ponytail, grab a nice elastic depending on how thick your hair is and secure it. Now what I like to do is, I don’t like to see elastics, so at this point, I would take a piece of her hair, wrap it around the ponytail holder securing it with bobby pins, and what we will do next is start with a classic fishtail. This is when you divide the hair into two sections. Even sections are preferable. You can take from the outside, wrap it over. You’ll repeat this motion all the way down. It’s best to keep your thumbs engaged in the fishtail because it helps you keep the tension and also it keeps the shape of the fishtail braid. Takes a little while for you to start seeing the fishtail actually forming, but basically, you’re taking a piece from each side, wrapping it around to the other, then you repeat this motion all the way towards the bottom.

You’ll also notice if one of your sides starts to have less hair than the other, you can switch hair from one section to the other, and it makes it a lot easier, but it also makes your fishtail look a lot more consistent towards the end. Now once you get towards the bottom, a trick I like to do is leave one of the strands out and secure the other two. The piece that’s left out can usually be hidden with a rubber band so that you don’t see the elastic and once you secure the bottom, you’re all done. This is our braided fishtail ponytail.

HOST: Jenn Bradford (Senior Stylist)

How to Do a Braided Updo With a Bow | Women’s Hairstyles Videos

Want to incorporate a braided updo with a bow into your style? We’ll show you how to do it with easy-to-follow steps.

We’re going to be doing a bow, updo, with a little bit of a braid. Now the star of this is actually the bow, but we like to incorporate braids however we can. Now, what you might want to do is start with the hair pulled into a ponytail. Now you can see I’ve only done the elastic twice; it needs to be done a third time. So at this point, because this is one of the main keys of this updo, you’re going to pull the hair through the third time, but don’t pull it all the way through, as you want to leave this towards the bottom. This is actually going to be made into your braid. So once you have your hair pulled through like this, you’re going to go ahead and split this section in half. Now I’m going to start with the left side. I’m going to be putting bobby pins over here on this left side to secure it to the scalp. This helps to keep the bow open. You have to be very careful about your pinning, because if you don’t pin it properly on the sides, then it’ll lose its form.

And be sure to pin, not only on the bottom of each side of the bow but on the top as well. So once you feel like you’ve got it pretty symmetrical, you can pull it out a little bit. So once you’ve looped both sides together, you’ll go ahead and find the very bottom of your ponytail that you looped through. And what you’re going to do with this remaining hair, is this is going to be the only braid that’s going to be in the updo bow. This is actually going to be brought over like this, and then you can see it looks like you have a hair bow. So let’s take this section and, just like a classic French braid, you’re going to take its three sections, braid them together like so. You don’t necessarily need a rubber band for this if you feel comfortable securing it with Bobby pins, that’s what I’m going to do now. And there you have your braided bow updo.

HOST: Jenn Bradford (Senior Stylist)

How to Do a Goddess Braid

Trying to get the goddess braid style? We’ll show you how to do it with easy-to-follow steps.

The easiest way to do a Goddess braid is to go ahead and split the head in half. So what you are going to do since she already has a part naturally, I am going to go ahead and take a rat tail comb, and I am going to brush this and make her part go all the way towards the back of her head. Once I am done with that, I will take an alligator clip. Whatever section you are not currently working with, you just pin it to the side. Now starting the braid, you are going to start towards the front hairline. This is basically going to be a French braid or a 3-strand braid. What you want to remember with this braid is keeping it as close to the front hairline as possible. It gives it more of that Grecian look and makes it really pretty and romantic. Starting the turn toward the back of her head once you get over the ear. Remember only take sections from right on top of where you are about to wrap it into the braid.

If you take a section from too far out, you end up getting a little bit of a tugging. It won’t look symmetrical on both sides, especially this part when you start rounding. It is good to keep your braid tight against the scalp so that you don’t have any kind of puckering. Remember just to work in three clean sections. Sometimes your hands can get a little tangled. It might cause you to kind of lose your spot. I am taking my very last section. What you want to continue to do is to continue your braid and almost going towards the other side of the head because after we are done with both sides, we are going to be positioning the hair almost into a figure eight in the back of her head, so it looks like a Goddess Updo. You want to go and braid as far down as you can so once you tuck these ends you don’t have to worry about trying to hide too much of the straight hair that is coming out from the bottom of the braid.

As you can see, I left some of these hairs down. Now I am going to move to this side of the head, continuing the same braid that I did on the left side. Remember you want to keep your angle like you are going towards the other side of the head. As you can see, we are almost done with this side. I am going to secure this ponytail as well. Be mindful to braid as far down as I can. So now we are going to move on to the pinning part. What you need to do is take these braids and cross them before you start doing your figure eight. I believe one of the most crucial elements of this is really making sure your braids and the ends with the clear rubber bands are hidden. And there you have your Goddess braid.

HOST: Jenn Bradford (Senior Stylist)

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