Weird Things You Notice When You Stop Washing Your Hair – Answers to the Questions You Were Afraid to Ask

If you’ve followed this website at all, or any hair advice column at all, you’re likely aware of the dirty hair movement. Women everywhere are giving up daily hair washing for weekly or bi-weekly shampoo sessions leading to less time in the bathroom, healthier hair, longer lasting color, and a few quirks along the way. Here are some of the answers to the questions you’re afraid to ask about your new dirty hair routine.

1. Are You Shedding More?

Washing Your Hair
Is this Normal? Surprising things that happen when you wash your hair less.

Do you notice that on the days you do wash your hair that your drain seems to be fuller than normal with shedding hair? Don’t worry, your hair is not likely falling out, but you may be shedding a little more during your shampoo. The reason is likely that your previous daily shampoos were stimulating your scalp and removing the hair that was naturally shedding a little at a time. Your hair is still naturally shedding at the same rate; you’re just removing that shedding during a shampoo less frequently.

2. Are those Flakes? Please Don’t Be Flakes

After a couple of days of not shampooing, you may notice little white flakes around your scalp or maybe even on your shoulders. Don’t panic, you don’t have dandruff and you’re not shedding your scalp like a lizard. The likely cause is product buildup or dry shampoo that’s not being removed as often by daily shampooing. You can help move that builds up along by brushing your hair at least twice a day with a brush that stimulates your scalp and removes the buildup.

3. Is this Static? Where’s the Shine?

Static hair
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While your scalp can get greasy (and trust me, it gets better with time) your ends can get dry, dull, and full of static. It’s an annoying problem that can turn you off from skipping the shampoo altogether. If your dry ends get to be an issue a few drops of hair oil (use your fingers to distribute it through your ends) or a shine spray can be a quick fix for both the static, dull appearance and dry locks. If the dullness doesn’t go away, try a clarifying treatment during your next shampoo to remove buildup.

Dry Shampoo4. Your New Best Friend: Dry Shampoo

Getting through to your next shampoo without a greasy scalp will mean that dry shampoo will become your best friend. You’ll try several different brands and play with strategies to get your best results. Dry shampoo every day? Only on day three? Do you prefer a dry shampoo or a texture powder? Oh, the possibilities are endless and don’t be surprised when you become obsessed with the perfect dirty hair strategy.

5. Your New Mantra: Just One More Day

It’s like a game to get just one more day out of your shampoo when you realize how much time and energy not shampooing daily will save you. You’ll figure out just how many days you can wear your hair down, what kind of updos work with the dirtiest hair, and which headbands hide the greasy scalp issues the best. You’ll love the extra time you get to spend with your family, friends, or sleeping in when you don’t have to shampoo your hair every day.


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