Countless celebrities have proved over and over again that short haircuts are no longer just convenient, but they can also be very feminine and incredibly stylish. As spring approaches, a lot of women toy with the idea of changing their looks. If you are a stylish woman and are not afraid of a dramatic change, we encourage you to try some short haircuts.

These types of super short haircuts for women are very easy to maintain, they can be styled in several ways, and they look very fashionable. A short haircut can turn a shy woman into a confident and daring woman. However, before you make the decision of cutting your hair, you need to know a few things about these types of haircuts.

How to Freshen your Style with Super Short Haircuts

What type of face shapes are complemented by short haircuts?

Medium and long haircuts usually frame the face, thus softening the features. On the opposite end, short haircuts reveal the face features and the neckline. Short haircuts are usually suited for women with symmetric face features. They work best for round and oval face shapes, and in some cases, they can even work for heart face shapes. However, this type of haircut should be avoided by women with prominent jawlines, pointy chins, or any other angular facial features. If you want to make sure that you are choosing the right haircut for your face shape, visit, where you will find all the information necessary for choosing a trendy hairstyle that complements your natural beauty.

Types of super short hairstyles

You may think that there is only one type of super short hairstyle for women. However, there are several types of such haircuts. The most popular one is the simple androgynous one worn by Emma Watson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Charlize Theron, and many other celebrities. Another popular super short haircut is the pixie crop. With this haircut, the hair is very short on the sides and at the back, but it has longer, chopped layers at the top, which can be styled in various manners. If you are very confident, you can even choose a shaved, asymmetrical short haircut. This type of super short haircut involves shaving half of the head or shaving a side strip of the head. The rest of the hair can be short (3-5 inches), medium, or even longer.

How to style short haircuts

This type of haircut can be styled in various ways, depending on the cut and the length of the hair. Generally, even if they are not styled, they can still look good as they have a naturally messy look, which is very fashionable at the moment. Nevertheless, they can also be styled in spikes or wavy short curls. You can also use hair products with a wet effect in order to style the hair in a neat way, pressed on the head. If you choose a shaved asymmetrical haircut, you can style the longer hair with a big, round hairbrush in order to make it look like a semi-bob.

Super short hairstyles for women are an amazing asset for the modern woman. Take the pixie cut; for example, it is so stylish and will certainly bring out the best of your features.

Many women have decided to chop off their luscious manes so that they can give their image a boost and also take some pounds of unwanted weight off their heads and shoulders too. Short hair, however, does need to be tended more frequently, and you will need it.

Plan Your Transition

Going from a pixie to a full luscious mane is not going to happen overnight, but growing a pixie to short bob hairstyles can make the transition not only natural but also very enjoyable. It might seem weird, but just before you chop off your locks, make sure to map the way you would like your hair to transition in the various stages, talk to your stylist so that he will be part of the process. 

Use Props and Creativity

Short hairstyles go very well with clips, hair bands, fabric headbands, and also extensions. To create a completely different look, you can simply dab a bit of gel and create a messy look or pump it up with a couple of curls when you are in that awkward growth stage. If you need to assist a formal party, you can also create an updo even with short hair; just make sure you stack up on pins and spray. Be creative and enjoy the process of growing it out.

Short Haircuts and Hairstyles for Women

Types of super short hairstyles

Although short hair is usually thought of as a man’s hairstyle, recent fashion and celebrity trends have seen a rise in short haircuts for women. From sleek feminine pixie cuts to edgy modern hawks, a bixie haircut can give you a modern, confident look and emphasize your beautiful face.

One of the many benefits of short hairstyles for women is the ease of styling and how quickly you can be out the door! Because of the short length of your hair, you can enjoy the feminine, modern look without the hassle of hours of styling and molding to get looking right! Just a little mousse and a little tousle, and you’re good to go.

The list of celebrities who have chosen short haircuts for women includes some of the hottest, trendiest women in Hollywood! From Rihanna to Charlize Theron, super short hairstyles are flexible and look stunning with both classic beauty and eddy youthfulness!

Not convinced yet? Check out these killer short styles that will have you running to the hairdresser!

  1. The Modern Pixie Cut: Worn by the likes of Anne Hathaway, this modern take on the traditional pixie has a long, swept bang and is heavily layered, giving it a soft feminine look. This cut is perfect for modern women with dramatic features, like full lips or large eyes.
  2. Boys Buzz Cut: The Buzz Cut is a style usually reserved for men, but when Charlize Theron dons it, nothing screams high fashion elegance more! The style is closely shorn and delicately tapers on the side for a smooth feminine silhouette. Paired with dimensional hair color, this look is simply divine!
  3. A-Line Asymmetrical Bob: A relative newcomer to the short spunky hair styles for women scene, the look is effort-free and clean. With a slightly longer, right below the chin length, this style is donned by Marion Cotillard, giving her the sharp, sleek look we all love.
  4. Sleek and Straight: This is a bold look, and not for the faint of heart! Donned by the stunning Emma Watson, this style is stark with hard lines that emphasize your features beautifully.
  5. Oblong Pixie: This beautiful pixie cut is actually shaved on the sides, and we love it! The top is wispy and long, tousled, and simply fabulous! This is the perfect cut to elongate a round face and emphasize stunning lips!
  6. Pixie Crop Mohawk: This dramatic look is the cut of choice for a newly-made bad girl, Miley Cyrus! This dramatic cut that is about an inch away from being a full-on mohawk is flexible and walks the line between edgy and classy perfectly. Sweep back for a sleek mature look, or tousle and gel for a more modern rockstar feel. Paired with a red lip, this look is a total winner!
  7. The Sedu Haircut: Sedu hair is another way of saying silky hair; basically, this look is paired with straightening your hair for a soft, sleek look. This look is flexible and classic but youthful enough that it doesn’t look like it’s trying too hard. Jennifer Aniston donned this famous do and boy; it is ta killer.
  8. Shag Haircuts: A shag cut is another way to say rocker chic. The tousled, heavy layering makes it look effortless and stylish all at the same time. A shag cut is a great option for thin hair. The choppy layers will add volume and help your hair look fuller and thicker. Shag is also a great choice for naturally wavy hair and will be easy to maintain and keep looking great.

Contrary to popular opinion, short haircuts or hairstyles are anything but masculine. A short soft pixie cut can bring out the beauty of a woman’s face, emphasize your features, and open up your whole look.

Many of the most beautiful women in the world, from Michelle Williams to Beyonce, have donned the dramatic look and proven its elegance and beauty time and time again.

Another common myth is that short hairstyles are better for women with straight hair. While it might be easier to style, women with curly or wavy hair don’t need to feel left out. Check out Halle Berry and her famous elfin crop if you don’t believe me! A little wave can add a lot to a short style and give it body and depth.

If you are considering a shortcut, check out your local salon for pictures of styles you might like. Most salons will provide books of haircuts to help you select a cut that suits you and your hair, features, and style preference best.

It is also important that you make sure your stylist is comfortable with and has experience with short styles for women.

In many cases, if you are worried about going too short, many women choose a medium-length style that can be shortened as time goes on to make sure she is happy with the length and the look.

Short styles are especially useful to busy women, mothers, single mothers, or career women who will find that a shortcut helps them save on time and effort needed to comb and style long hair. Being able to just add mousse and go can save hours needed otherwise to get long hair looking presentable.

For many women, a short haircut is also a statement; this is especially true for teenagers and young women. Although it is very popular among celebrities, it is still one of the least common hairstyles and definitely gives you an edge on uniqueness and helps you stand out from the crowd. In ten years, when so many girls are still figuring themselves out, a short style is commonly used as a declaration of independence of sorts.

Short haircuts for women have quickly gained popularity among celebrities of all types. From edgy musicians to classic beauties, short spunky hair styles can complement any look. A Short cut can emphasize your features and can be especially stunning on women with unique and dramatic looks.

Short Haircut Ideas: What To Do With That Short Hair

Short Haircut Ideas: What To Do With That Short Hair
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While shorter hair can be much easier to manage, it also presents itself as more challenging than longer hair when trying to incorporate different styles. Some of your choices can depend on whether you have your hair cut to style a certain way or already have short hair and are looking to try something new. Either way, hair keeps on growing, so you can achieve that look that you desire.

When the weather gets warmer, that is when people think more about shorter hairstyles. While there are people that want longer hair, trying to mess with that while frolicking on the beach or getting in your fitness routine out in nature can be quite stressful. And, having shorter hair does not mean that it has to be just a couple of inches long. Guys sometimes go for this look, but anything under shoulder length is considered shorter hair for women.

So what are some trending hairstyles to consider? Many women look at styles only according to age, neglecting the fact that facial contour and shape has much more weight to hairstyle choice than a person’s age. You may like a certain hairstyle, but is it going to look the best on your head?

Having thick hair sometimes deters women from actually pursuing short hairstyles for women as well. A nice short and wavy new hairstyle with a slight color modification, perhaps auburn, is something that is trending. This is a great style for people with thick hair, and of course, you can still have this hairstyle with thin hair by adding volume to your hair. The waves are carefree and high-spirited, and of course, short hair with the right style is both spunky and revitalizing.

One thing about super short hairstyles for women is that they allow more of your features to show. This can be your forehead, cheekbones, back of your neck, and more. That chic summer hairdo is awaiting, and there are plenty of pixie cuts to choose from also. Layering is very popular, especially for people with longer faces. Now, having a long face also tends to deter people from shorter haircuts, but there is plenty for them to choose from.

Pulling off short hairstyles for women is a statement of confidence and risk. It is a powerful change, and it can really change your appearance, giving you positive energy. Looking at pictures in magazines and on sites will help you find the right haircut for you.

Trendy Short Hairstyles For Women – Bixie Haircut

Have you been thinking about cutting your hair short? You should learn more about the current trends before you schedule an appointment with your hairdresser. The following article is full of useful information on short hairstyles for women and will help you choose the ideal style for you.

Trendy Short Hairstyles For Women
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Short haircuts are very trendy right now.

A lot of people think that short styles are not adapted to the type of hair they have or to their facial features. There are many short hairstyles for women, and you will find one that looks great on you if you take the time to compare your options.

If you tend to have thin hair, a soft pixie is a good option. Cutting your hair very short will actually make it look a little thicker. You will have to style your hair on a daily basis with a small quantity of styling products. There are several alternatives to the soft pixie cut, including the textured pixie, a bias cut, or an edgy and forward cut. If you do not like pixie cuts, you should give the bixie a chance. The bixie haircut is a mix of the pixie and the bob cut. It is slightly longer than a pixie and covers your ear while keeping the shape of a bob.

Do you have thick hair? If you like bob cuts, curly bob hairstyles could be a great choice. You could also create a retro look by adopting an old-fashioned asymmetrical bob or by adding bangs to your shortcut. Any kind of bob hairstyle or curly style is a good choice if you have thick hair. It is best to avoid pixie cuts because you will have a hard time keeping your hair in place unless you use a large quantity of styling products.

If you have naturally curly hair, you should consider getting a long bob, a very short pixie cut, or even an afro. The curly shag cut is very trendy too, but you will have to maintain your curly shag cut regularly. Adding some waves to your hair is another excellent option. This fun and retro style goes with everything and will definitely help you stand out. The key to looking good with short curly hair is to find a stylist who has a lot of experience with these short hairstyles for women.

Your new haircut should be adapted to your facial shape. If you have high cheekbones, a strong jawline, and consider your facial shape as long, curls or waves are a great option. Any kind of cut that adds body to your hair is a good way to add some width to your face. The same thing is true for bangs or for a chin-length bob.

Do you have a round face? A pixie or a semi-long bob that ends a few inches below your jawbone is a great option. An asymmetrical cut is definitely best because it will not frame your face. Bangs might not be a good option unless you have a high forehead you would like to hide.

Cutting your hair short is an important decision. You will be satisfied with the results if you select a cut that really corresponds to your style.

Your shortcut will work if it is adapted to the kind of hair you have and to your facial shape. However, remember that rules were made to be broken. If you feel that you would look good in a cut that is not recommended for the shape of your face or for the type of hair you have, go for it. Talk to your stylist about your different options before you get your hair cut.

We hope that you found these super short haircuts inspiring and that they will motivate you to freshen your look. After all, there’s no better time than the spring for making a dramatic change regarding your look.


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