Whilst many of us may know how to ensure our hair stays healthy and looks its best, do we know how to care for our scalp? Just like we would care for the skin on the rest of our body, there are some easy ways you can adapt your routine to ensure you keep your scalp in the best condition. Read on to discover top tips from using tea tree oil for hair care to getting the temperature of your shower right!

5 ways to care for your scalp

There are five important ways that you can care for your scalp with this easy to follow the guide:

1. Ensure you follow these steps when washing your hair.

  • Only wash your hair every two to three days to avoid removing the natural oils your scalp produces, which can lead to greasy hair.
  • Use lukewarm water to wash your hair.
  • Oils like tea tree oil can be a great conditioner in between washes.
  • Ensure you properly rinse all products such as shampoo and conditioner.

2. Invest in some natural oils to use as part of your scalp care regime.

  • You can use tea tree oil for hair and scalp moisturizing your scalp to stop a build-up of excess oils which can make your hair look greasy.
  • Another great use of tea tree oil is a great way to treat dandruff.
  • Use coconut oil to soothe a dry, itchy scalp.

3. Try using pretty accessories during the summer.

The summer months can be hard on your scalp. The heat can dry out your skin and the sun can even burn your scalp, the same as the rest of your skin. Purchasing a hat or scarf can be a great way to not only look fantastic but also protect your scalp in the summer.

accessories during the summer
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4. Make sure you keep a balanced diet

One of the most important ways to ensure that your scalp stays healthy is to “feed” it with everything it needs. This includes drinking plenty of water to keep it hydrated and eating fruits and vegetables to ensure your scalp gets the vitamins and minerals it needs.

5. Let your scalp breathe

The easiest way to ensure that your scalp remains in the best condition is to allow it to breathe. Choose loose hairstyles and avoid tying your hair up unless absolutely necessary.

scalp breathe

From using tea tree oil for hair care to maintaining a balanced diet, this guide will help all of us understand the five easy ways to take the best care of our scalps.

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