25 Reasons To Get A Short Haircut This Summer
25 reasons to get your hair cut short this summer. (Photo: @nothingbutpixies)

You’ve been thinking of getting that short haircut for months. Now is the time to do it.

You’ve been thinking about going for the chop since Beyoncé got her epic pixie cut. And you should do it, too. It’s hot out now, which means you can either try a bun or updo to get your hair off your neck, or you could finally get that short haircut you’ve been thinking about. I recommend the latter; otherwise, you could think about it forever and find yourself at 90 being the old lady who never got a cool haircut. Here are 25 reasons to get your hair cut short this summer.

  1. It’s cooler, literally. 
  2. It’s cooler, figuratively.
  3. It will take less time to dry.
  4. You’ve always kind of wanted to but lacked the courage to try.
  5. You can donate the cut hair to charity.
  6. Rihanna did it.
  7. Short-hair Miley is way more interesting than long-haired Miley.
  8. Just do it!
  9. If you get in a fight, no one will be able to grab your hair.
  10. It’s a big change.
  11. Hair grows back.
  12. Because eff all those people who think women need to have long hair.
  13. Natalie Portman looks way better with a pixie cut.
  14. Short hair means never having to say, “Ow, you’re on my hair!”
  15. Not all long hair is basic, but all basics have long hair.
  16. Your cat won’t stop fucking with your hair.
  17. When your pet eats your hair, it becomes a disaster later.
  18. No more terrible drain clogs.
  19. No more long hair clogging your vacuum.
  20. Less hair to style means more time for running through the park and drinking cocktails.
  21. Short hair emphasizes how pretty your eyes are.
  22. Short hair = a low-commitment way to try fun hair colors.
  23. Short hair is way sexy.
  24. You will save so much money on conditioner.
  25. You’ve been thinking about it forever. Now is the time. 
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