Whether your blond hair is natural, colored, or highlighted it can be very common for your blond locks to appear brassy or yellow. The same holds true for silver or bright white hair. These unwanted tones can be very annoying and unflattering. Causes can range from mineral deposits in your water, faded color, environmental exposure, or under and over-processed highlights. You can balance this problem by using brightening shampoo and/or conditioner. As a blond, I can relate and decided to give Pravana’s Pure Light Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner a try. I also tried both products on several clients in my salon.

Pravana Pure Light Brightening Shampoo
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Pravana Pure Light Brightening Shampoo

One of the things I love about Pravana’s Pure Light Brightening Shampoo is the high concentration of blue pigment. It’s strong enough to tone out even the most stingy of brassy tones. The sulfate-free formula smells great and is highly concentrated so very little product is needed to successfully cleanse the hair and scalp.

On the flip side, one of the things I was not thrilled about was the high concentration of blue pigment in the shampoo. On some highlighted and color-treated hair (which can be very dry and porous), the blue pigment stained the hair, resulting in a light blue/purple hue. While this was a little annoying, I found that the problem was easily remedied by mixing the shampoo with a non-brightening shampoo. It also helped to only use the brightening shampoo at the scalp, as the ends of the hair had a higher tendency to absorb the blue tone. The good thing is, if the hair did get stained blue, it was typically gone within one to two shampoos with regular shampoo.

Pravana Pure Light Brightening Conditioner

Frankly, I’m in love with this conditioner for blond hair. While the shampoo may not be for every blond, silver, or white-haired woman out there (due to the possibility of the hair becoming stained blue), the conditioner did not cause this problem. The Pure Light Brightening Conditioner has a great fruity smell. The concentrated formula is very conditioning, yet not over conditioning to weigh down the hair. It detangled everyone’s hair beautifully, and most of my clients loved the feel of their hair following the use of the conditioner.


I would highly recommend the Pravana Pure Light Brightening Shampoo and Conditioner for anyone with natural blond, silver, or white hair, especially if your hair tends to get very brassy or yellow.

If your hair is colored or highlighted (or otherwise dry or porous), I would recommend using the shampoo with the caution that I mentioned above. If you find that the shampoo stains your hair (even after diluting it), it may be a better idea to only use the conditioner.

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