Change the Way You Wash Your Hair: With Science. A Whole New Approach to Clean Hair: Where Science Meets Beauty

We live in a strange time in beauty. The war on shampoo has been raging, and there are clear lines in the sand. There are those that shampoo and there are those that rarely or never shampoo and the advice from beauty gurus are contradictory at best.

I give a lot of shampoo advice, and a lot of it revolves around shampooing less and taking better care of your scalp. You can imagine my quite literal giddiness (is that a word?) when I was introduced to a man that not only completely agrees with my stance on proper hair care, but can back up his claims with science and (AND!!) has developed a line of professional haircare that truly delivers revolutionary moisture to the hair and is great for the environment.

Pomifera Cleansing Conditioner
Pomifera Cleansing Conditioner. Photo Credit:

I could really go on forever about the quality of Pomifera products and the enthusiasm that the inventor of Pomifera has for the line he created. But, let’s face it, you really want to know if this stuff works.

A Whole New Approach to Shampooing Your Hair

By now, you’ve likely heard of the no-poo or co-wash method of cleaning your hair. If not, basically this method throws out the idea of using soap on your altogether and replaces your standard shampoo with a conditioning cleanser or homemade shampoo; the latter of which I do not recommend. You’ve probably heard of Wen, which awakened the conditioning cleanser market with their flashy infomercials. Too bad for them that their wax-riddled product has devastated the heads of thousands of people.

Pomifera Cleansing Conditioner brings a whole new approach to shampooing your hair, balancing how much shampoo you use for taking better care of your scalp all while keeping your color locked in and retained for longer.

And, the best part, Pomifera backs it up with real scientific proof that it works.

How to Shampoo with Pomifera Cleansing Conditioner

Using the Pomifera Hair Care system is super easy and only a little different from the way you’ve probably been washing your hair. First, choose your Pomifera Cleaning Conditioner formula; fine/limp hair or normal to coarse hair. Most people will choose the normal to coarse hair formula.

The first time you use Pomifera, cleanse and rinse your hair first with the Pomifera Color Refresh Shampoo. It’s a pretty standard shampoo that bubbles and suds like you’d expect in a shampoo. It’s color-safe, sulfate, Paraben, Gluten, phosphate-free, and is made with high-quality ingredients, including the Pomifera Oil that’s infused into all Pomifera products. It has a great fresh and clean citrus scent.

Follow with your preferred Pomifera Cleansing Conditioner, as you would normally condition your hair after shampooing. This product is scientifically designed to form cleansing micro-bubbles that condition and detangle hair, leaving it silky soft with excellent frizz control and elasticity.

This is where your shampoo routine will change. For the next several shampoos you’ll skip the actual shampoo step and simply use the Pomifera Cleansing Conditioner in place of your shampoo. It’s important to note that you should really work the cleansing conditioner into your hair and scalp similar to the way you’d work the shampoo into your scalp. This stuff is meant to clean your hair and condition it in one step. Just wait until you rinse it out; it’s truly magic.

The Cleansing Conditioner is formulated to gently cleanse your hair and significantly reduce the use of shampoo from your hair care regimen. It establishes optimal hydration with a great body, volume, and shine. It rinses luxuriously from your hair and won’t weigh your hair down with wax and fillers that so many co-washes on the market use. You’ll truly be shocked that you’ve not used traditional shampoo on your hair.

How often you shampoo with the Pomifera Cleansing Conditioner is completely up to you. When you feel that your hair needs a recharge, go back to the more traditional Pomifera Color Refresh Shampoo and follow up with the Pomifera Cleansing Conditioner. You may shampoo once or twice a week, or possibly once or twice a month. Let your hair do the decision-making for you with the simple goal to shampoo less.

The benefits of shampooing your hair less are not only better for your hair and scalp’s health, but your color will shine brighter and last longer as well.

My Recommendations

I absolutely, wholeheartedly recommend Pomifera Hair Care products. Go try them today. I was truly in love at first use, and I’m excited to see where this company goes in the future. These products were developed in the heartland, and as a hairstylist from Iowa, I couldn’t be more excited to see this local company make big waves in the hair industry. It really changes everything. Meeting the inventor, Todd Johnson, Ph.D., solidified my excitement for this product line. He’s not only incredibly enthusiastic about providing a high-quality line of hair products, but he can back up all of his product claims with scientific evidence that it really works. And it does. Bravo, Dr. Johnson.

More Information on Pomifera Extract and Oil Botanicals

Pomifera products are infused with Pomifera extract and oil botanicals that are rich in antioxidants, antifungals, antibacterials, and Omega-6 oil. The molecular structure and pH levels of Pomifera products actually allow this incredible oil to penetrate the cuticle of your hair and make a difference from the inside out. So, what does that mean for your hair? It means more shine, more body, less grease, and a healthier scalp. A healthier scalp is really the best part of this equation because a healthier scalp, with balanced, healthy bacteria and natural fungi means less dryness, fewer flakes, less itching, and less irritation. A healthier scalp also means better, longer, stronger hair. Who doesn’t want that?

Beyond being great for your hair, Pomifera oil is great for the environment. The botanical is naturally abundant, purchased, and purified within local harvest communities via zero input farming techniques. What does that mean? Basically, it means that the Maclura Pomifera (Osage Orange) fruit is purchased from landowners that don’t need or use the fruit that naturally grows on their property. As a result, Pomifera botanicals have a high impact on performance and a low impact on the environment.

Where to Buy Pomifera Hair Products

Pomifera Hair Care is available to purchase in professional salons. If your salon doesn’t carry Pomifera Hair Care, direct them to the website for more information.


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