I was sent a bottle of Nexxus Hydra-Light Shampoo and Conditioner to try out a while back. At the time, my pixie cut was just newly grown out into a cropped bob style. Pixie haircuts don’t need a lot of specifics when it comes to shampoo and conditioner. The hair is too short to tangle, and the ends are kept up with regular haircuts so they don’t get dry and frizzy like longer hair does. In fact, while I had a pixie cut, I rarely even used a comb after a shower. I could just run my fingers through my wet hair and style it.

Nexxus Hydra-Light Shampoo and Conditioner
Nexxus Hydra-Light. Photo Courtesy of www.nexxus.com

What does this have to do with Nexxus Hydra-Light? Well, after a couple of uses I packed my bottles in my gym bag one day and hit the gym for a workout. After my shower, I realized that I had not packed a comb. Old habits die hard, I guess. The problem was that now that my hair had grown out, I needed more than just a finger tousles to get it under control. Without a comb insight, I attempted to detangle my freshly washed, conditioned, and towel-dried hair, and I was amazed that I really didn’t need anything more than my fingers.

Even after blowdrying, with no other product, my hair was nicely conditioned and still had plenty of body and bounce. I can’t say that about many hair products.

Who Needs a Light Moisture Shampoo/Conditioner?

Light moisture shampoos and conditioners are really great for most hair types, but is especially ideal if you have one of the following:

  • Fine hair that easily tangles or is prone to static electricity.
  • Wavy or curly hair that isn’t prone to a lot of frizz or dryness.
  • Thick hair that is easily weighed down by heavy conditioners.
  • Oily Scalp.

Light moisture products are great at leaving behind just enough moisture to hydrate your hair, but not too much that you lose body and volume. If volumizing shampoos are a little too dry, a light moisture shampoo provides a great balance.

Why I Recommend Hydra-Light Shampoo/Conditioner

Like I said above, I’ve been impressed with how soft and detangled my hair is with Nexxus Hydra-Light while maintaining body and volume. I often find most volumizing shampoos dry my hair out, and hydrating shampoos can be too heavy, especially during the spring and fall when I don’t require a lot of moisture. This is my go-to shampoo and conditioner for days when I like to let my hair’s natural texture shine with plenty of volumes.

I really love Hydra-Light for my fine hair clients. Fine hair can be difficult to find the right balance of moisture and many of my clients have loved the results from using Hydra-Light. Wavy and curly hair textured girls also love Nexxus Hydra-Light because they get just enough moisture to control their curl and keep it bouncy without weighing it down with too much heavy conditioning.

I highly recommend Nexxus Hydra-Light shampoo/conditioner for people with oily hair. Why? Because oily hair girls tend to reach for something that will dry the oil out. The result is often increased oil production as your scalp is over-compensating to replace the oil that you’re stripping away every day. It’s a pretty ugly cycle. A light moisture shampoo/conditioner can actually help balance the oil production on your scalp and, over time, help keep that over-production of oil and sebum under control.

Nexxus Hydra-Light Root Lift Mist

When I had the opportunity to give the shampoo and conditioner a try, I was also given a sample of the Nexxus Hydra-Light Root Lift Mist. This product is meant for use after shampoo/conditioner and before blow-drying to increase body and volume.

Again, I am so impressed with the results of this product. It really gives nice results without overdrying, which can sometimes be the case with volumizing products. It comes in a pump that effectively allows you to target the roots of your hair without stickiness. This is one of those products that’s hard to get wrong. To use, spray a few pumps into the roots of your hair, focusing on areas where you really want to pump up the volume and work into your scalp with your fingertips. Then blow-dry and style as usual.

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