A good hairdryer is worth its weight in gold, but in this case, the lightweight handle-less design of the Kiss 1875W Hair Dryer makes it worth a lot more than that. With a retail price of $29.99, and three attachments for a better, easier blowout, you really can’t go wrong with the Handle-Less Hair Dryer by Kiss. Plus, it’s made with ceramic tourmaline, which will reduce frizz, increase moisture, and boost shine in your hair with each use.

Kiss Handle-Less 1875W Hair Dryer

From the Manufacturer’s Web Site

The Kiss InstaWave website: the revolutionary Handle-Less 1875W Hair Dryer combines comfort, versatility, and control for effortless styling and precision hair drying.

  • Optimized for Pik hair straightening & dryer for African American users
  • More comfortable hair styling with a round or paddle brush for general users
  • Super durable Pik attachments
  • Effortless Styling, Precision Hair Dryer


  • 1875W powerful motor
  • 3 heat & 2 airspeed settings
  • Bonus Concentrator, 2 Piks Included


  • Cool Touch Nozzle-3x Layered Insulation Technology allows for a comfortable cool grip on the barrel
  • Ceramic Tourmaline Technology-Allows for longer-lasting frizz-free results

My Experience with the Kiss Handle-Less Hair Dryer

A handle-less hairdryer has proven to be one of the most convenient hairdryers I’ve ever used. I’m not sure why more hair dyers aren’t handleless after using this hair dryer from Kiss. While it was a little awkward to get used to at first, I was able to get comfortable with the ergonomic design of this handle-free hairdryer within minutes. The handle-free design makes directing the air of the hair dryer easier and allowed me to perfect my blowout with the use of the concentrator attachment with ease. This hair dryer is both lightweight and powerful, delivering fast, frizz-free results.

Three heat settings and two airspeed settings allow you to customize your hair drying experience at the touch of a button.

I wasn’t sure if I’d like the Pik attachments, but it made a quick straight blowout possible, reduced tangles, and gave nice body and volume.

Besides the fact that the handle-less design is easier on your wrists, it’s also terrific for traveling. It takes up no more room than a tennis shoe and fits easily in your suitcase.

Pik Attachments for the Kiss Handle-Less Hair Dryer

The Kiss Handle-Less Hair Dryer comes with two sizes of Pik attachments. The attachments are like a comb attached to the end of the hairdryer, allowing you to dry your hair, comb it straight, and produce body at the same time. It’s wonderful for any hair type and helps keep your hair straight, tangle-free, and under control while drying. The only advice I have for the Pik attachments is to dry the hair to nearly dry before using the attachments to prevent breaking your hair in a weaker wet state. The Pik attachments are great for volume in short or fine hair.

Where to Get the InstaWave

The InstaWave is available at Amazon.com for around $30.00.

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