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Kenra 25 Volume Spray is the go-to hairspray of just about every hairstylist on the planet, and that’s not something I’m just pulling out of thin air. This hair spray has won the Hairstylist Choice Awards for Stylists Favorite Hair Spray 10 years running. It’s a staple in salons across the globe, and truly its reputation speaks for itself. You get all day, fast-drying, a stronghold that’s perfect for long-lasting big styles that resist humidity, without getting flaky. I don’t know a single soul that hates this hairspray.

Kenra 25 Volume Hair Spray
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From the Kenra Web Site

Kenra 25 Volume Hair Spray provides the maximum hold factor, with wind resistance (up to 25 mph), super hold (up to 120 hours), high humidity resistance (up to 24 hours), and flake-free fast drying.

How to Use Kenra 25 Volume Hair Spray

Kenra 25 hairspray can be used as a working spray for increased volume, as a finishing spray for just about any style, or as a secure locking spray for updos. To use, hold 8 to 10 inches from hair and spray over hair while styling or spot spray as desired for increased volume and control. To use as a finishing spray, hold 12 inches from hair and spray evenly over the finished style.

My Experience with Kenra 25 Volume Hair Spray

You really can’t go wrong with this hair spray when you want a product with seriously great hold. I love this hairspray for updos and special occasions as it delivers both volumes and holds without having to switch between different products. Plus, it resists humidity and doesn’t get flaky when built up over a style, making it perfect for complicated hairstyles.

While it’s great for updos, it’s also a terrific hair spray if you struggle to get good volume out of your hair. I love this hair spray directed at the root of a style to keep hair from going flat and limp.

It dries quickly for volume that holds instantly, but won’t dry your hair out. In fact, it leaves just the right amount of shine for a healthy glow.

Living in a climate where humidity can get completely out of control (especially in the heart of prom and wedding season), I don’t trust many other hairsprays on the market for my special occasion hair. It’s just too risky.

I also really love this hairspray for texture at the root. It makes a wonderful base for backcombing or pinning bobby pins into the hair. When you don’t want either technique to move, this is the hairspray that I grab.

Kenra 25 Volume Hair Spray has a nice clean scent that’s not overwhelming and is easily shampooed out without leaving build-up. It’s actually no surprise to me that this hair spray wins awards year after year. It’s a classic, quality product that won’t let you down.

If you prefer a hairspray with flexible, moveable hold, this probably isn’t the hair spray for you, but if you want a hair spray that holds all day long, resists humidity, and pumps up the volume, I highly recommend giving Kenra 25 Volume Hair Spray a try.

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