Homecoming dances tend to be slightly less formal than prom. The hottest trend of the moment is long hair curled and worn down and paired with a gorgeous dress, heels, and jewelry. Pin your hair back or add a bit of bling, and you are good to go.

But there are also trends that will set you apart from the crowd, including:

  • Mussy updos
  • A faux bob
  • Braids (not your kid sister’s braids, but extravagant braids)
  • Teased hair

These 8 hairstyle trends are styles you can do yourself at home, but I always recommend getting your hair done professionally to ensure it won’t frizz up on you or fall down by the end of the night. Just make sure to book your appointment well ahead of time.

For more homecoming inspiration, check out prom photo galleries.

No. 1: Pinned-Back Hairstyles

Pinned-Back Hairstyles

Pin a couple of sections of hair back for a romantic look at this homecoming. Here are two galleries to inspire you:

5 Hairstyles For Homecoming

• No. 2: Teased Hair (Pompadours, Updos & More)

Teased Hair
Teased hair. Pinterest // Joanna Cambria

It’s all about the tease of this homecoming and prom. In this gallery, I feature the coolest photos of teased hair including pompadours, ponies, and bouffant hairstyles. Try one of these hairstyles to stand out from the crowd at this year’s prom or homecoming dance.

Teased Hair for Homecoming: Pompadours, Beehives, Teased Ponies and Much More More »

No. 3: Casual, Mussy Updos

Casual, Mussy Updos
Nicole Richie. Mark Townsend for Instagram

Homecoming is no prom. You don’t want to look like you’re showing up at your wedding when choosing a perfect homecoming hairstyle. These casual, but super sexy, updos are perfect Homecoming Hair.

Photos of casual updos for homecoming

No. 4: Big & Bouncy

Big Bouncy Hair Style
Amber Heard. Valerie Macon // Getty Images

Create beachy waves for your homecoming hair this year.

Photos of long, wavy hairstyles for homecoming

No. 5: Braids, Braids, Braids

Braid Hair Style
braids by Sarah. Sarah Potempo for Instagram

Braids can be romantic. You can try braiding a couple of sections on either side of hair and pull back and clip. You can also wrap it around the head like a headband. One of the most popular braids for homecoming is the mussy side braid. See some examples here:

Photos of homecoming hairstyles featuring braids

No. 6: Headbands, Feathers & Ballerina Bands

Headbands, Feathers & Ballerina Bands
headband. Ayajewellry on Etsy

Add a ballerina band, a headband, feathers, or barrettes to your hair this Homecoming.

Photos of Homecoming hairstyles: headbands, feathers & more

No. 7: The Classy Ponytail

Classy Ponytail Hairstyle
@ sherrymaldonado

Who says ponytails aren’t dressy enough when some of the top celebrities hit the red carpet with ponytails. The secret is to wrap a section of hair around the ponytail base so the elastic is hidden. See the photo gallery for instructions on how exactly to do this.

Photos of Homecoming hairstyles featuring ponytails

No. 8: Show off Your Long Waves

waves hairstyle - homecoming hairstyles
@ cardonadeline62

If you have naturally curly hair, let the curls out for Homecoming. The secret is in great products and a good cut.

No. 9: Good Looking Straight Hair

straight hair with flat iron

I think you are tired of looking at your natural hair to straight hair. It can do it easily when you use a flat iron to straighten your hair, but you need to use it carefully with following instructions; before that, you need to choose the best flat irons that match your hair type.

  • Photos of Naturally Curly Hair
  • 10 Secrets to Styling Curly Hair
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