Long hair can be cut and worn in a whole range of different ways and it is a good idea to get a few haircut ideas for long hair and taking a look at some pictures of varying styles before deciding what to do.

The advantage of long hair is the fact that it can be worn up, down, to the side or simply flowing, depending on the wearer’s mood and the occasion. Long hair always looks great, no matter whether the hair is naturally straight or curly and the possibilities are endless.

Layered Cuts

Layered cuts in particular offer a wealth of opportunities and the layers will add volume and movement to otherwise perhaps relatively flat hair. These layered cuts can also be used to frame a face in such a way that it draws attention to or diverts from features a woman may be particularly proud of or would rather not have noticed by anyone.

Choppy layers

Choppy layers will add even more movement and volume and can be great for some of the so-called emo styles in particular. Teasing the roots of these choppy layers will add height and volume alike and can create quite stunning effects.

Waves and curls

Waves and curls, as well as ringlets, add a touch of sex-appeal, although layers – in particular the choppy ones – may create too much volume in naturally curly hair. Unless the aim is to create an almost afro-like look, it is best to discuss the possibility of layers with a stylist where such naturally curly hair is concerned.


Bangs, both blunt and side-swept, add another dimension to haircut ideas for long hair and the choice of what type of bang will be the best option depends on the overall cut and the wearer’s intention.

Someone wishing to really express their individuality, for instance, may choose to combine a very long, side-swept bang covering an eye with a multi-colored, choppy layered style.

Someone needing an elegant, sophisticated look, on the other hand, may find a full, blunt bang combined with a tight ponytail sitting high on the back of the head more suitable to their taste.


Braids are an excellent way to keep the hair looking extremely stylish, while at the same time keeping it out of the way. Placed on the side of the head and combined with pretty barrettes or bobby pins to keep ‘stragglers’ under control, braids can provide an extremely elegant look fit for any dinner party or business meeting.


Buns, either gripped tightly to create professional looks or kept comparatively loose to give a soft, feminine, and altogether more relaxed appearance, are also always a great idea.

Haircut ideas for long hair can be found in a multitude of places, and getting a good look at some of them should give a pretty good idea of what can actually be achieved with the varying cuts. Finding a favorite cut and taking a picture of it to the stylist will often help to determine whether it will be possible to do it right and get the best possible look out of it.

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