These are the hair products and tools that I’ve personally tried and loved, and mostly can’t live without. If you have a lady on your shopping list that seems impossible to buy for, consider some of these amazing hair products and tools that have been fully tested and approved by yours truly. Whether you’re shopping for a birthday gift or a holiday surprise, you can’t go wrong with one of these products or tools.

A Good Hair Day is the Gift that Keeps on Giving All Year Long

1. CHI Argan Oil Hair Product Gift Set

CHI Argan Oil Hair Product Gift Set
Photo Courtesy of Farouk Systems

These hair products are a tall drink of moisture for just about any hair type. Combat static, dry ends, and winter hair fatigue with CHI’s Argan Oil hair products. They smell luxurious and are an amazing change from the norm. Pamper the hair product junkie on your list with these products that won’t break the bank, but will impress just about anyone with hair. Read my full review.

2. Kiss Handle-Less 1875W Hair Dryer

Kiss Handle-Less 1875W Hair Dryer

A new hairdryer is almost always a welcome gift. Hairdryers are one of those hair tools that women just don’t replace often enough and a new hairdryer can mean a world of difference for better hair days every single day of the year. This hair dryer from KISS isn’t only a great hairdryer, but it’s also lightweight and handles so it stores easily and travels with ease. Your hair will thank you. With a price tag of under $30, you really can’t go wrong. Read my full review.

3. Sexy Hair Ultimate Control Flat Iron

Sexy Hair Ultimate Control Flat Iron

This is probably one flat iron that has flown under the radar. I fell in love with it right away. I love the long smooth plates that never tangle or catch my hair, the adjustable heat that gets hotter than you’d ever probably need it, and the way it makes straight or curly hairstyles effortless. The regular retail value is pretty reasonable at around $160, but I’ve seen sales with the price around $80. It’s worth looking into and one of my favorite flat irons, ever. Read my full review.

4. The Voloom

Volumizing Hair Tool
Voloom – The Hair Tool that Will Change Your Whole World

This thing is just plain awesome if you have someone to buy for that’s always complaining about flat hair, lack of volume, or generally annoyed with backcombing their hair. It’s unlike any other hot tool I’ve ever tried and it’s seriously changed the way I style my hair. Surprise the lady on your list with this seriously cool volumizing tool that will change her life. She’ll be amazed by the long-lasting volume that’s easy to achieve with the Voloom. Read my full review.

5. Bed Head Candy Fixations Texture Products

Bed Head Candy Fixations Texture Products
Bed Head

Fun hair products are a welcome gift for anyone on your list, and this set of texturizing products does double duty with the sweet aroma of sugar cookies, marshmallows, and sugar. Whether the product-loving girl on your list seeks a sleek, textured, volumized, or curly look there’s a product here to make it happen, sweetly. I’ve gifted the entire collection to women on my list and it’s always been a welcomed surprise. Read my full review here.

6. The CHI Automatic Rotating Curler

CHI Automatic Rotating Curler

This is another one of those products that’s not only fun and high tech, but also delivers amazing results, and is very well constructed. It’s worth every penny, in my opinion. I use my CHI ARC for most of my curling needs every day, and it’s a lifesaver in the salon. The size is perfect (not too curly, not too loose), and it’s amazing for really long hair that can be hard to roll on a traditional curling iron. The automatic curler takes the fatigue off your wrists and makes rolling up long hair a breeze. Read my full review.

7. Pre-Packaged Holiday Gift Sets

Pre-Packaged Holiday Gift Sets - hair products and tools
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Holiday gift sets are the perfect way to give the gift of beautiful hair, ready for wrapping, and full of bonus surprises. I’ve put together a handy list of my favorite hair care holiday gift sets with an idea or two for every hair type on your shopping list.

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